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Review of the Album "for God Your Soul… for Me Your Flesh" by the Band Pungent Stench

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A street view of Linz. Austria the home country of the band Pungent Stench.

A street view of Linz. Austria the home country of the band Pungent Stench.

Pungent Stench made a name for themselves in the vastness of the death metal music scene. Their 1990 debut album with a very long title called For God Your Soul… For Me Your Flesh is lyrically similar to the American death metal band Obituary and the riffing is very similar to the band Napalm Death but these guys show that they may indeed perform better musically though. It is said that the lyrical approach for this death metal band from Vienna, Austria is often a tongue in cheek kind of approach. So your question might be who are the members that play on this 1990 debut from Austria’s Pungent Stench?

Pungent Stench Band Lineup in 1990

  • Martin Schirenc: guitars and rough, vocals
  • Jacek Perkowski: bass guitars
  • Alexander Wank: drums

Pungent Stench is one of those death metal bands that I had known for at least two decades but haven’t really taken the time to listen to and absorb their music until 2021 which is unfortunate because their style of death metal is pretty impressive, maybe even better than Canada’s Gorguts.


A Special Comment About the Lead Vocals

On closer inspection of the lead vocals I do notice the similarity to John Tardy of the band Obituary. While bands like Obituary were good, Pungent Stench takes that goodness up a few notches as there is a mix of death metal and perhaps a bit of grindcore in there as well.

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About the Songwriting in Pungent Stench's Debut Album

What is present on this debut album is raw death metal with some pretty grotesque song titles similar to Cannibal Corpse. Austria is not just a country that has established a sort of musical base with Gothic metal bands. They were known for extreme metal first and I didn’t really start getting into death metal until the mid to late 1990s but this album is a very good death metal and grindcore style album from Pungent Stench. This band has split up on a few occasions and performed under a different name but fans will remember this band as Pungent Stench. The first time absorbing the music of this debut, you may be impressed or you may shake your head and wonder what’s missing. If you enjoy the raw, heavy style of death metal with a few occasional leads that sound melodic then you will like this album. This debut death metal release may also be an acquired taste for some fans because it is not the most creative or the most melodic kind of death metal.

The opener in this album is actually a two-part set called “Intro/Extreme Deformity.” After the introduction part, the slow, heavy riffing starts to build this song up. The next part of this song reminds me of early Arch Enemy such as what you might remember on their debut album. “Hypnos” is a song with its fast double bass drumming that would be kind of like the foundation for some of the material that was done by other bands later. So it is reasonable to conclude that Pungent Stench was indeed a very influential European death metal band.

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