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Review of the Album "Flowers" by Swedish Pop Music Group Ace of Base

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Introduction to the Album "Flowers"

Flowers is the European version of the Album Cruel Summer by Ace of Base and as with the album Happy Nation, the track listing for this album is also different than Cruel Summer. Life is a Flower in terms of the musical style is similar to the song “Whenever You’re Near Me.” The focus of this review and analysis is mainly to discuss the songs which are not on the album Cruel Summer.

A Set Of Tulips Which Symbolizes the Name of This 3rd Ace of Base Album


Analysis of the Songs Dr. Sun and Captain Nemo

Dr. Sun is one of those songs that may take a little getting used to. The sun is associated with better moods and higher levels of energy. But the song can also refer to a person with a bright, cheerful personality who can make others around him or her better. The song describes a woman that does not want to be alone and she says that Dr. Sun is her man. Symbolically, the sun provides many people with a better mood because many of us prefer to live in warm and sunny weather locations. The song’s main riff is very poppy in nature but it is exotic as well. Captain Nemo is a song about putting your trust in a special ship captain that knows about some secret under the sea. He is said to know about things that we do not.

"Captain Nemo"

I Pray Is Another Significant Song In the Album Flowers

"I Pray" has this sort of atmospheric feel to it as we pray for all sorts of things including more sunshine in our lives and all the colors of the rainbow. We pray for answers to our questions as the song tells us not to wait as we don’t have a second to hesitate. Life is about waiting around but to go out and really enjoy life to its fullest. The song is also useful for me and anyone else that may be going through challenges and the point is that there is another way to live as the sun comes up in the morning. If we pray the correct way, there is another way!

"I Pray"


The Song Donnie & Final Thoughts About the Album Flowers

"Donnie" is a song that is also on the album Cruel Summer but this version is once again different because it has more of an atmospheric feel to it. Donnie is the man the woman always wanted and her girlfriends fell for him. However, Donnie seemed to be more of a player and he really couldn’t be trusted. Flowers is a good album but Cruel Summer is a better album.

"Dr. Sun"

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