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Review of the Album Fist to Face by Spanish Thrash Metal Band Holycide

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Singing for the Band Holycide Is the Lead Singer for the Band Avulsed

Holycide is a thrash metal band from Madrid, Spain that I just found out about yesterday February 16, 2020 believe it or not. Their second studio album called Fist to Face was released on February 14, 2020 on Valentine's Day in the United States. Is that a coincidence? Perhaps not but the even more interesting aspect about this band is that the man doing the vocals is Dave Rotten also known as David Sanchez Gonzalez. It is just amazing in and of itself that he would be the person doing the vocals for a thrash metal band because he is known as the lead singer for the death metal band Avulsed. I guess we had better start off this article with a bit of information about the band Holycide.

The cover of the album Fist to Face is pretty much a rebellion against Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again kind of philosophy.

The cover of the album Fist to Face is pretty much a rebellion against Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again kind of philosophy.

What Kind of Thrash Metal Is On the Album Fist to Face?

Mentality Packs sees David let out a growl as the drums kick in. The vocals are harsh and kind of raspy at the same time so the vocals are aggressive and intense at the same time. Trendy is definitely not the word to describe what is on this album. It is a modern form of very aggressive thrash metal but it is not as aggressive as some of the German bands for instance so you won't get queasy to the stomach or something like that.

Two Good Qualities About the Album "Fist to Face"

Napalm Sweet Napalm is highly melodic and there is a repetition of the song's title in the chorus as there are some death metal style grunts by David and that;s to be expected from a death metal vocalist. The Aftermath which is a cover performance of the band Recipients of Death sounds so fast that it sounds like a more modern Slayer song except the vocals are much rougher and raspier than Tom Araya. However because David sings really fast it is tough to keep up with what he is uttering and this may be another con for the album. The melody and technique however are two qualities that should deserve a moment of congratulations for the band.

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Holycide Discography

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Annihilate... Then Ask!



Fist to Face





"Fist to Face" Song Only

Fist to Face a Brief Review & Analysis

The song Fist to Face is about what happens when a society is built on a foundation of lies. Capitalism exploits workers as the idea of a border wall is nothing more than a form of propaganda. I get the sense that this song is describing who Donald Trump is blaming for the problems of the United States. When someone has done so much wrong, he tends to blame everyone but himself. “Empty Cyber Life” has a melodic feel in the middle section as the song sounds like Hexen as well as other modern thrash metal bands too numerous to mention. Then there is another section with a melody similar to Iron Maiden except instead of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, what you hear is modern thrash that is pretty well done. The vocals are not terrible but they could have been better. That may be the only drawback to this thrash metal album. The vocals aren't as bad as those from the band Fastkill and David does some good yells and grunts. “Nuclear Fallout” starts out like a more modern Metallica and then the riffing sounds like US thrash metal band Havok. With the heaviness in this album there is an incredible amount of melody as well.

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