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Review of the Album "Feast Upon the Helpless" by Bray Road

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Analysis of the First Three Songs in Bray Road's Debut Album

Since Formation is such a short album we might as well take a look at this band’s debut studio album called Feast Upon the Helplessas well. After a short intro, we are treated to some Kreator style thrash metal with the song called “Tortured.” However, the song slows down and Bray Road tries to sound like a mixture of Annihilator and Kreator but unfortunately, they cannot match the creativity of those two bands at least in the beginning. This second song builds up gradually after the initial beginning section. The song is about a scalpel tearing apart the body as the song’s title is repeated incessantly. It makes you wonder whether these guys got the inspiration for this song’s title from one of the Cannibal Corpse albums. Eventually, the person that is being pursued is afraid as the end for him may be near. “Pounded Into Dust” is once again another modern Annihilator influenced song that is lyrically about someone that wants to use his decision making powers and energy to bring torment upon those that he can cause anguish to.

The first song which is technically an instrumental type is actually called “Intro (Teratoid)” and the riff repeats itself incessantly so there is nothing really groundbreaking or special about this introduction.

This is not to say that this album is below average but it does not even compare to the many thrash metal albums that are so much better than it. Yes, this album is heavy and these guys do attempt to be a little more creative but as far as it being an album that will impress you beyond belief, this album is not one of those. Though the song "Pounded Into Dust" does have a really good main riff construction to it.

Analysis of This Album's Title Explained in Brief and About the Song Panic Attack

Feast Upon the Helpless was released in 2017 and the title might as well also refer in a way to the Beast of Bray Road which was discussed when we reviewed the mini-album album Formation. “Panic Attack” is a song about being so nervous that the sweat is pouring down your back, and you end up going insane thus suffering from a panic attack.

"Feast Upon the Helpless" Full Album

Final Thoughts About Bray Road's Debut Album

The Beast lyrically is similar to Judas Priest’s "Nightcrawler" song as this kind of a topic has been done so often that it is definitely going to make for a stale thrash metal release. Bray Road is a decent band and they have their moments though. Baptized in Pain is a song that is about a man that is full of rage that he will do what he can to make life a living hell for others. Juggernaut is a song that is about someone that wants to fight for his country and sacrifice his life for the leader that he loves. He is at war and fighting for the preservation of the embassy as he says. The last song called “Shallow Grave” is about someone that wears a kind of social mask, leading a life of deception. Eventually the real person will be discovered.

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