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Review of the Album "Fear" by Phrenetix Lithuanian Thrash Metal Band

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This photo symbolizes the leap of faith that the band Phrenetix took to create their debut album Fear and become one of the best bands from their country.

This photo symbolizes the leap of faith that the band Phrenetix took to create their debut album Fear and become one of the best bands from their country.

Thrash Metal Now Exists in Lithuania and That's a Great Thing

Phrenetix is a thrash metal band from the city of Vilnius in the country of Lithuania. At first thought you might be thinking that no way could there be thrash metal from Lithuania. Well, now there is at least one case that I know of now. I guess we could say that this band follows in the footsteps of the band Surgical Invasion from Ukraine. Phrenetix have been active under their current name since 2012. They began activities in 2010 under the name of State of Ruin. This band has female fronted vocals though when you first listen to the vocals it doesn’t feel like a woman in singing.

In spite of the album’s title of Fear there is nothing to fear for it will not turn out to be an experience you will regret. On the contrary, the feeling you will get from listening to this album is the opposite. Listening to this album once again, it seems to me like the vocals sound like a female version of an early Dave Mustaine sort of vocal style which may be funny to some reading this. To a certain degree, it is possible to hear that Havok influence in this album as well.

About the Songwriting in the Album Fear

Regardless of that, what we have here is some pretty fine thrash metal music coming from a country that most of us wouldn’t even expect. Lithuania is the latest nation in my musical discovery to throw its hat into the ring of thrash metal. These Lithuanians have also expanded their tastes in the course of an album including the song “Posera” on their own native language. It sounds like a more modern version of Megadeth and or Metallica. It sounds redundant to say this but on a practical level other metal bands will have to pick up the slack musically once the older bands have either disbanded or retired. Even the bass guitars in this album are impeccably performed when you can hear them. I guess this band felt the fear about performing thrash metal but they decided to it anyway. There is a title track in this album and part of it sounds like the song Phantasmagoria. It is not a 100% clone of the song so there is nothing to be concerned about here. The guitar solo is like a more modern day version of Blind Guardian. What is on this debut album Fear is a strong statement that these guys are here to play thrash metal that is catchy, melodic, and overall enjoyable to listen to. The opener “Ruined by Ambition” has a Death Magnetic influenced beginning before it builds up into a thrash metal, neck banging style song. Can someone by ruined by too much ambition in a world that encourages it? That’s an open-ended question that can have a different answer depending upon how a person approaches that issue. We do have this pressure on ourselves to succeed and conform to society’s standards. The mid-section riff of this first song has a bit of a resemblance to “Sweating Bullets” from Megadeth. It is not an obvious influence though as it takes an experienced ability of one’s listening skills to be able to notice this.

"Fear" Full Album

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