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Review of the Album "Face the Madness" Good Modern Thrash Metal

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Listening to the album Face the Madness the listener has the potential to enter into the realm of good modern thrash metal.

Listening to the album Face the Madness the listener has the potential to enter into the realm of good modern thrash metal.

The Type of Person That Would Enjoy the Album Face the Madness

If this is the first time you are reading this, don’t be tempted to steer clear of this because of the title of this Danish band. Formed in 2013, Killing is a thrash metal band that offers razor sharp riffs, aggressive vocals and songwriting that should leave most fans of thrash metal fans impressed. Their debut album Face the Madness released on August 13, 2021 is described as an album that fans of Slayer, Kreator, and early Metallica would enjoy.

Personnel that play on the album Face the Madness

  • Rasmus Soelberg: vocals and bass guitar (note: some of you may notice the vocal similarity that he has with Jari Hurskainen ex-Gandalf vocalist).
  • Kristian Snedker: guitars
  • Kristian Snedker: guitars
  • Rasmus Holm Sorensen: guitars
  • Jesper Skousen: drums

About the Songs in Face the Madness

While such a description would be pretty accurate, there is also a sort of The Haunted influence as well. While the lyrical themes may be about war, violence, and other morbid subjects, if you are looking for modern thrash that is aggressive at the same time, this album will be your cup of tea. If the band Terrordome is Poland’s most aggressive thrash metal band, then this band (Killing) is the most aggressive in the history of Danish thrash metal perhaps. This is due in large part to the style of the vocals. While not like a screeching cat, these vocals will let the listener know of the savagery and intensity of them. “Straight Out of Kattegat” sounds like a more modern version of Slayer’s Christ Illusion or South of Heaven.

“Don’t Get Mad, Get Evil” is a song that lyrically sets the stage by saying that there is no point of return and that these guys are ready to play thrash metal the way it should be played. Not surprisingly, this is also a Slayer influenced song.

"Straight Out of Kattegat"

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It is my hope that Denmark will become more than just a nation known only for King Diamond. Well, this band from Denmark is one step in that direction if they can find the drive, passion, and motivation to stay together for the long-term. With the retirement of Tom Araya from touring, other bands have to enter the scene, step up, and deliver in the thrash metal genre.

2 Cons About the Album Face the Madness

Once again, the only real pet peeve that I see with the album is the cover art. There is no feeling of madness with the cover art and it shows something that is really too provocative for certain audiences. The song titles are also such that they leave a lot to be desired. But in terms of thrash metal that is musically well done with the intense riffs, Face the Madness is a rather enjoyable listen for fans of thrash metal.

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