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Review of the Album "Exuviae" the Second Album from Lithuania’s Phrenetix

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Phrenetix's Second Studio Album is Slightly Different From Their Debut

Vilnius Lithuania’s thrash metal band Phrenetix came out with their 2nd studio release called Exuviae and in this album we see a sort of departure musically from their debut album Fear while at the same time this band still maintains very much the aggressive thrash metal approach of their debut album.

Even the Vocals of Guitarist and Vocalist Lina Vastakaite are a Little Different in This Album

In this album, vocalist Lina Vastakaite utilizes a clean vocal range which adds a contrast to the album. Other nations are getting involved in the thrash metal genre and it is making a positive difference. One other noticeable aspect about Lina’s vocals is that she sounds like a combination of Alexi Laiho and Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. If it wasn’t clear before this point that we have a woman performing these vocals it should be clear now. Lina has the type of voice similar to Kimberly Goss I think but her range isn’t as high. That’s when she uses her clean vocal style though.

Detailed Analysis of the Songs in Exuviae

The first song “Defunct” lyrically could describe a dysfunctional relationship. A relationship built on deception and lies cannot last very long. Even when we do what is best for our partner, they still don’t realize that we were trying to help them. The song slowly builds up into a really fast song about a dysfunctional relationship where the other person basically is playing games and leading a life of lies. Exuviae is also an album that has more of a progressive touch to it compared to the band’s debut and this is good news for those fans that want to hear a thrash metal album that is more musically varied. This is one factor that may keep the album from getting too stale or boring. Then there are songs such as “Raw Pain” which resemble more of a power metal style for instance what happened with the band Sinergy. So in that sense, Exuviae is different from the album Fear. This album isn’t constructed entirely on making sure that there are 100% fast riffs from start to finish. That’s another reason that will make this album interesting. “Kill the Messenger” though is a rather different song than the previous one resembling a modern Holy Moses because of the riffing speed. The song is lyrically about trying to defame somebody, so that they lose their self-respect and that they are devalued. The objective is to make sure that the person runs way from the truth. The album ends with the instrumental song called “Sybil.” This one has the feel of something off of Death Magnetic while Phrenetix also puts their own musical approach on it by including a more lead guitar based riff if that makes sense. Listening to Phrenetix’s second album, you may be reminded even more of the sound of Sinergy especially in the song “Yellow Eyes” as it sounds like a power metal tune. “Blaze of Alienation” is a song that is lyrically about a person that spends all their time trying to convince themselves that the only solution is to bring others down and walk all over them. That description is actually similar to what a narcissist would do. Then there is the really fast song “Hallucigenation” which is really about a person that leads a life of deception and dishonesty. They are not really who they think they are. Folks, it is time to allow a Lithuanian metal band to absorb our listening faculties as there is no reason why that nation cannot develop its metal music talent.

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