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Review of the Album "Extinction" by Australian Thrash Metal Band Harlott

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Australia's Harlott Returns With An Even Better Album

If the album Proliferation was a mixed musical effort from Melbourne Australia based thrash metal band Harlott, their 2017 studio album called Extinction is anything but mixed or average. In spite of what is portrayed on the cover for this album, thrash metal is definitely not becoming a dying art, but rather it is and has expanded greatly since the 1980s.

About the Musical and Vocal Style of the Album "Extinction"

What is present on this album is songs full of blistering, speedy riffs, decent vocals and just an overall impressive display of thrash metal. Stylistically, it is a more modern influenced Slayer and there is also a degree of influence from the band Terrifier from Canada. The vocals are not as high pitched or extreme as that band but you don’t need high pitched extreme vocals to have a good thrash metal album. This album has certain parts in it that actually may also be considered progressive in nature as opposed to just acoustic guitar and one example of this is the title track. The vocals are fast, resembling those of Howard Smith of the band Acid Reign. This album shows how much thrash metal has advanced and evolved. This is not only because of the advances in technology but modern bands have become musically more sophisticated. Listening to this musical effort from these Australians reminds me of the band formerly known as Distillator as the style and approach is quite similar.

About the Songs In Harlott's 2017 Studio Album and Final Rating

“Conflict Revelation” is a song that tries to tell us that during war time, the smell of death is still the same no matter who bites the dust. The song “Better Off Dead” builds up slowly like a more modern version of the band Slayer (yes, that band again). The second section or part of the song really speeds up and the style is more like The Haunted. Extinction is an album that shows that Australia deserves to be put on the thrash metal map as a nation that is showing growth and progress. The short and fast song “Violent Conspirator” has a really well done short melodic section that shows that these Aussies aren’t just about playing at a million miles an hour even if this album may seem like it is structured that way. “And Darkness Brings the Light” starts off with even more melody as the song lyrically speaks of a person that is undergoing struggles in their personal life. They feel that nothing can prepare them or heal them. But he also feels that the darkness brings the light. He is looking for redemption. Some long songs have the tendency to drag on but this 7.5 minute excellence does not do this. Andrew Hudson shows in this song that his vocals can be melodic if he tries to sing in that style. “Parasite” is a song that lyrically is about a person that is stuck in their own insecurities and their words are worthless as they are responsible for the damage that they have caused.

Final Rating for the album Extinction as of 2022: 95 points out of 100 for a solid A grade

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