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Review of the Album "Existence of Trauma" by Finnish Thrash Metal Band Am I Blood

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Length: 38:43

Genre: thrash metal

The Best Musical Moment On the Album May Be the Song Shadows With the Colors

Am I Blood is a Finnish thrash metal band that also has their debut album by that same name. I got into this band’s music at least partially because of the song “Shadows With the Colors” which is more than likely the best song on their 2011 studio album Existence of Trauma. Lyrically the song seems to be about the fact that as we are born into this Earthly existence, suffering is the normal thing but when we die, we reach that pleasure state. Are our bodies of the future connected to the past? Nonetheless, the song is a great groovy thrash metal song.

Musical and Vocal Style Of This Latest Am I Blood Album

The music on this album isn’t all thrash metal because it has electronic elements such as in the song “Devil of Your Head.” This is one of those albums that I thought about reviewing and analyzing only to discard the idea for a few days but here we are back again discussing this Finnish band’s latest release but they have not released any other albums since this one. Vocalist Janne Kerminen sounds like a combination of Pasi Koskinen and James Hetfield.

The Music On This Album Will Not Traumatize You But It Will Impress You

Existence of Trauma is a groovy thrash metal album with a touch of electronic sounds but it will not make you feel traumatized in spite of its title. I’m actually glad that I checked out a metal album that doesn’t involve one of the big, famous ones. Sometimes you just get tired of being exposed to the same old heavy metal albums though this is in no way meant to be harsh about them.

Am I Blood Band Discography

Year ReleasedAlbum or Mini Album Title


Am I Blood Self-Titled Album




Gone With You (Mini Album)


The Truth Inside the Dying Sun


Shadows With the Colors (Demo)


Existence of Trauma

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Existence of Trauma Is an Album With Various Metal Music Influences

I like to look at this latest offering from Am I Blood as having touches of that Machine Head influence as well in the song “Innocence Turns to Hatred.” There is also more of a progressive touch along with the usual heavy grooves. One example of this is the song “The Dawn Became Their Pride.” Listening to this album once again after a break from it, the experienced music listener will indeed notice that Existence of Trauma is the best album from Am I Blood. If this on any way ends up being their last album as a group this will be a fine way for them to exit the music scene. However let us focus on optimism and that they will be back with a brand new album in the future. “Sin of a Believer” in the beginning sounds somewhat like “Shadows With the Colors.” The song is an anti-religious song saying that faith is the sin of a believer. There is a Blind Guardian influenced interlude in this song. There is no excess forced vocal anger in this album and there is fine modern thrash metal present with melodic vocals for those that can notice it.

"Shadows With the Colors"

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