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Review of the Album "Excess" by German Melodic Death Metal Band Apophis

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Awaiting the listener is an album that is full of music with very introspective lyrics and lyrical themes.

Awaiting the listener is an album that is full of music with very introspective lyrics and lyrical themes.

It Was Well Worth the Wait for a New Album From These Germans

German melodic death metal band Apophis sure took a really long time to come up with brand new material. Their album Excess was released in 2021, 16 years after their previous album I Am Your Blindness in 2005.

"Excess" Song Only

Analysis of the Songs On "Excess"

The album starts with the title track and this one has quite a few lead guitar parts as well as a really exotic section. The song then slows down and becomes kind of atmospheric in a sense. But the transition to the heavy riffing part is really quick but it is done well. The song may be a satirical attempt to say that excess will set us free from the demands of life when in fact the opposite of this is true. Then there are heavy songs such as “The End of the Path” which has a Kalmah style growl and the words “all right” are uttered. The song has a melodic accompanying riff as well as a clean vocal approach. The vocals actually resemble those that are found on the album The Black Waltzand after that. Songs such as “Every Single Stab” start with a person breathing with a beeping sound as the song is really good heavy death metal song. Apophis are certainly not newcomers to the scene. The song called “Forgive Yourself” has a tendency to resonate with some of us. The song is trying to lyrically explain that the greatest enemy in our lives is actually us. Are we willing to forgive ourselves? Do we want to end up in the wrong place known as hell? The song also can mean on a certain level that none of us are perfect and that there is always room for us to grow. The song also says that everything that happens in our life has a purpose behind it. This song has very deep and thought provoking lyrics. Great achievements do count and this album is an example of a great musical achievement. Songs such as “The Show is Over” have that feel of something we might have heard from the band Noumena back in the mid-2000s but there is also a more progressive section in this song before the lead guitar comes into play. Lyrically there are also the themes of life and what kind of calamities occur in life such as people that suffer illnesses and die.

Listening to this album, it must be commended that the band brings up such a thought provoking question such as can you forgive yourself? It is a great question to ask but tough to successfully get done sometimes.

"Forgive Yourself"

Is This Album Worth It?

Excess is definitely a step up from their previous album and for a 16 year gap between albums this one is well done as these Germans show that they can still provide death metal that is both modern and melodic.

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Final score for the album Excess by Apophis through 2 full listens: 92 out of 100 points (A)

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