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Review of the Album "Evolution in Action" by Italian Thrash Metal Band Rawfoil

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What is the Band Rawfoil Like?

Genre: thrash metal

Label that these guys are signed to: Punishment 18 Records

Score for the album Evoluttion in Action: 95 out of 100

Rawfoil is a thrash metal band from Milan. Italy and Italy is another one of those countries not normally known for thrash metal but Rawfoil come roaring out of the gates with fast, aggressive, catchy thrash metal and it is a formula that works. Rawfoil’s debut album Evolution in Action is one of those modern thrash metal albums that is not intense like the music of Exodus and it is also not party style thrash metal but it is modern thrash metal that the country famous for pasta would be very proud of. Rawfoil which began as a band in 2009 is definitely part of this new wave of thrash metal which I would say really started to take shape in about 2004 or so.

Analysis of the Song Evolution in Action

The title track has impressive bass lines, a great starting riff and good leads to create what should be a classic song every time you hear it. However, the foundation for this song starts in the beginning acoustic section before it becomes a classic thrash metal song much like the song “Battery” in 1986 as pure energetic thrash metal can hit our ears. Even the bass lines in this first song are memorable because of the way that they are played. The only issue in this album may be the vocals which are not always easy to understand due to the style of them.

"Evolution in Action"

Analysis of the Songs Josey Wales and Broken Black Stone

Even though the sound is modern in its approach, there is a touch of Blind Guardian influence in songs such as “Josey Wales.” At the end of the song is the sound of gunfire, similar to what we heard on the song “Metal Militia” so many years ago. The fight for social justice and equality begins with each of us making that choice to fight for what is right. “Broken Black Stone” is a song in which the middle section may as well have been influenced by the song “No Remorse.” The mid-section of this song is melodic and it has none of the raw sound that the other song I mentioned did but it is nonetheless influenced by that famous 1980s metal song. The song is definitely not broken in spite of its title and it has that touch of Iron Maiden plus some good bass and that’s three solid songs out of 8.

The Only Con for the Album Evolution in Action

Normally when you have the first three songs in an album of 8 be solid that’s usually a very good sign and you are entering some darn good territory as a band. These guys from Milan have only just made their mark on the thrash metal scene and it is time for them to pick up the pace because this is a debut album with several different kinds of influences that is stellar musically other than the vocals being a bit off and we are unable to decipher what is being said a good portion of the time.

"Wrath of War"

Final Thoughts About the Album Evolution in Action

The song called “Fail” in spite of its title is not a failure at all but another good song in an album filled with good tracks. The description of the music by YouTube about Italy’s Rawfoil is that the music on this album is thrash metal that is powerful and refined. The Iron Maiden style song “Demons Inside” is another example of this refined thrash metal approach which is made even better by adding intricate melodies in that song. “Reflect the Death” is song #6 and that patterned acoustic start by these modern thrash bands is a clue that they were influenced by the older metal bands such as Metallica Sacred Reich, Testament, and other similar bands. If you are a loyal friend that can save a person’s life in times of danger then you can be relied on but some people will betray others as this song lyrically tries to point out. “Wrath for War” the last of the 8 on this album stylistically is kind of like a mix of “She-Wolf” and “FFF” by Megadeth. All in all, this is quite a way for thrash metal to evolve as Italy’s Rawfoil deliver what is close to being as solid as it can be for an album that has only 8 songs.

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