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Review of the Album Evisarize by British Death and Thrash Metal Band Evisarize

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The Band Evisarize and Their Musical Style

Evisarize is one of those extremely heavy bands that I was hesitant for the longest time to review and analyze due to the extreme nature of the band’s riffing mostly but have decided to finally take the time to analyze these British guys and see just what the quality of their 2019 debut album Evisarize really is. Vocally, the album is similar to early Paradise Lost but the growls are not as low or as deep. The sound is also very modern given the fact that this album came out in 2019. The song titles are similar to bands such as Cannibal Corpse. In terms of the style, other than the very first song in the album, the album is heavy, fast, hard-hitting and just downright relentless in the pace and this is not the type of music that the UK is known for. Evisarize is different from bands such as Cradle of Filth in the sense that they do not use keyboards or symphonic elements in their music at all but their approach is speed at all costs.

How Good Of an Album Is Evisarize?

Evisarize are newcomers to the scene and they have work to do to appeal to listeners over the long term. In terms of the musical influences of this band, what I can notice is that they have influences ranging from Witchery, Paradise Lost, and maybe several others. The band’s name may be subject to criticism from some fans but just because a band has an unusual name does not mean that they are always short on talent. The UK isn’t just a nation of bands like the mentioned Cradle of Filth or Napalm Death but they are slowly getting more diverse musically. This is thrash and death metal that is decent, fast, and it works well enough that if you have the patience to sit through it and absorb it you can.

"Drowned In Flames"

Evisarize the Album Starts off Strong

The Intro which is the first song in this album even though it is a short one sounds a lot like late 1980s Testament albums such as The New Order. It is easy to notice this simply by the guitar sound here. Then comes the fast drumming song called Victim of Your Life. The song is lyrically about life being a nightmare. The accent is clearly similar to the one that Nick Holmes of the band Paradise Lost has.

The album does have creative tapping parts in it and it is melodic especially the song called Born In Blood. Parasites is a song that may as well be about what happens to a person that becomes exposed to people that are highly negative. These kinds of people in the world are toxic and they are not worth being around. The song is lyrically also about people that talk nonsense. “The Pox” has a very good melodic guitar part that is similar to the very good French death metal band Agressor.

Is the Song Mindslave the Album's Strongest?

“Mindslave” might as well be a song about the fact that people can become brainwashed into doing very destructive things such as being brainwashed into going off to war for instance. There is very melodic singing in this one that makes it one of the stronger songs in the album.

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The way it starts reminds me of Finnish black metal band Catamenia with the beginning riff and the fast as heck drumming.

The Discography of the Band Evisarize

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Final Thoughts About the Album Evisarize

Mindslave is also a song that tries to point out that the way that we live our lives is a lie. “Drowned in Flames” has a rather catchy mid-tempo riff. Even though the song titles in this album are not the most positive, the kind of metal that we hear on this album is highly creative and the drums are of the kind that do match the music as well. “Rise in Sabbah Nuh” is a Kreator influenced song. The song is lyrically about what is happening in the world as the apocalypse has begun. The song has a sort of Slayer feel to it as well as we hear more lead guitar tapping parts.

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