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Review of the Album "Eternal Devastation" by the German Thrash Metal Band Destruction

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The Album That Sees the Band Destruction Shift to a More Thrash Metal Style and Sound

Eternal Devastation is the brilliant 1986 studio album from Germany’s thrash metal band Destruction and this is the album that sees this band shift to a more thrash metal sound and approach. It doesn’t matter all that much that the album only has seven songs in it for a total of just under 36 minutes because that seven is just a number. The raw sound that we heard in the band’s debut has been replaced by a better sound quality that sounds just like thrash metal should. Lead vocalist and bassist Marcel Schirmer uses some screams in his vocal approach and that should be no surprise to those of us that are familiar with the thrash metal approach at that time.

If your second studio release is this good, generally that is a very good sign going forward. They might have had a musical hiccup with their 1998 album with a very long title but even that one isn’t a horrible release.

A Quick Comment About the Album Cover for Eternal Devastation

Even the album’s cover represents what is going on graphically as there are the faces of the members of this band at the time and their images are in a tornado that is surrounding the buildings of the city.

"Confused Mind"

An Album That is More Than Just Fast Thrash Metal

One person that commented on YouTube about this album calls guitarist Mike Sifringer a riff master. Eternal Devastation has solid riffs and this is one of those underrated albums of 1986 that may have slipped under the radar due to other metal album releases that year getting more attention than this one. The beginning of the song “Curse the Gods” has a great soft part followed by a bass guitar sound that we would have heard in albums such as Master of Puppets. Eternal Devastation was released in a year that was one of the best in the history of heavy metal because this was the year that thrash metal saw the release of classics such as the mentioned Master of Puppets and Reign in Blood. There is also a trace of a melody in the song “Life Without Sense” that may sound just a little like Iron Maiden’s Flash of the Blade song. However this sophomore musical effort by these German guys isn’t all about fast riffs. There’s a definite neoclassical feel in songs such as “United by Hatred” and “Eternal Ban” in the start of these songs and Mike does a great job with the solos as well. Even the last song “Confused Mind” with that definite 1980s exotic guitar part in the beginning is a good song and I’m pretty convinced that Eternal Devastation may be the finest moment in the early part of the career of German thrash metal band Destruction. Even more commercially successful metal albums that year such as Peace Sells But Who’s Buying don’t compare to this superb work from this great German band, the one and only Destruction which will forever be defined by the vocal screams of original lead vocalist Marcel Schirmer.

"United by Hatred"

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