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Review of the Album "End of Eden" by Finnish Band Amberian Dawn

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The album's cover has a big snake on it wrapped around a tree as it is trying to bite into the already bitten apple. The Serpent is the most famous evil creature in the Bible.

The album's cover has a big snake on it wrapped around a tree as it is trying to bite into the already bitten apple. The Serpent is the most famous evil creature in the Bible.

A Little Information About the Album "End of Eden"

"End of Eden" is the 3rd studio album by Finnish band Amberian Dawn and this one may be their best constructed one in terms of the songwriting and variety of musical influences from Yngwie Malmsteen, Angra, and Rhapsody of Fire. The album was released in 2010 which is seven years ago but it seems longer than that.

End of Eden the Review: Arctica, Ghostly Echoes, Blackbird, and Field of Serpents

The strongly influenced keyboard play in the song Arctica (not Sonata Arctica) is kind of like what German band Edguy did in their 1998 album Vain Glory Opera. Ghostly Echoes is a song that has a very Gothic rock influence (think about the band Entwine). The symphonic song called Blackbird is a song about somebody that follows a black bird into the woods and they only see sadness. There is a premonition that something must be wrong. As the bird stands on a branch, there are ten other black birds that appear and follow this person through the woods with sadness in their eyes. Field of Serpents has a classical feel to it similar to the song called Fumble Fingers by Rimsky-Korsakov. It turns into a rock kind of song with fast drumming and Heidi Parviainen’s usual operatic style of vocals. The song has old English lyrics similar to Theatre of Tragedy and then a solo similar to Dark Moor emerges. It is not only about speed that makes a good solo it is also about playing notes that are in the right structure, technique and passion.

End of Eden is an Album That Discusses the Theme of How Human Beings Became Sinners

City of Corruption tells the story of how human life began. Humans were given the chance to really live in paradise surrounded by nature so they could thrive. Life was much simpler and nature was valued. However, the addiction to things and people wanting more led to the corruption and some would say to the downfall of humanity. Humans committed a big sin and as a result, they were made to be mortals where they would one day die and return to dust. The song expands upon the album’s cover which shows a serpent coiling around a large tree. On that tree is an apple that has been bitten into. Does this look familiar? The album’s cover symbolizes the end of life in the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve as they were banished by GOD for their sin of eating from that tree by listening to the serpent that misled and tricked them. The serpent on the cover is on a tree in a forest and a huge portion of that apple has been eaten or bitten into, however you want describe it. The first song Talisman has an Angra influence in the lead guitars.

Analysis of Amberian Dawn's Album Covers

The band’s first three albums featured rather interesting cover art on them. The debut album has the face of Heidi Parviainen on it and she is really beautiful. The second album has a stone carving or photo of the band’s name except it is with the initials A.D. Which one of the band’s first three albums has your favorite cover art on it? For me, it is the third album End of Eden because the cover is good symbolism of the album’s lyrical content.

The Song "Come Now Follow" Original Version

End of Eden the Review Part 5: War In Heaven

War in Heaven which is the last song in a highly creative album sounds a little like symphonic band Cradle of Filth in the beginning before Heidi’s vocals slow down and the song describes a scenario where there is chaos that ensues after the creation of human life. There is a strong male vocal part in which the words “I won’t yield before man” are uttered. Is End of Eden the best of the first three albums by Amberian Dawn? It is tough to say because of the fact that their debut album called River of Tuoni has the song River of Tuoni which is one of the most solid ways for this band to begin their career. As we reach the end of another very good symphonic metal album, the band’s best album could be either End of Eden or River of Tuoni. It really is a tough call but you can’t go wrong with either of those two albums.

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Favorite Amberian Dawn Album Among These

The Songs Talisman and Come Now Follow

However, the first song of this album has an interesting title: Talisman. This is not the Swedish hard rock band though they were great in their own way. The song is actually about a secret trophy that hidden and difficult to find. The story is that this trophy was hidden to prevent the greedy nature of men from getting their hands on it. This Talisman has caused many wars and those that have hidden it have done so for the purpose of preventing conflict. It seems to me that End of Eden is a sort of concept album but even if that’s the case it does not detract from the musical quality. The song Come Now Follow is about someone that despondent and forlorn because the one that he loves has not shown up in a long time. The waves of the sea are promising to bring him love, peace, and tranquility. A voice is speaking to him and letting him know not to worry about anything.

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