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Review of the Album "Electrified Brain" by Municipal Waste

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Municipal Waste, the crossover thrash metal band that has been one of the reasons behind the thrash metal resurgence of the 2000s has come out with their newest album Electrified Brain and this album is a far cry from their super-fast and short debut album Waste ‘Em All.

Is This the Band's Most Melodic Release Yet?

They have certainly improved since 2003 adding in some more melody. They incorporate influences such as Iron Maiden and Testament, adding a touch of the Bay Area thrash influence. It has been five years since their last album and has the wait been worth it? At this initial review and analysis stage I would say yes. While these guys have had the speed and fast riffs as the trademark of their style they have now made things at least a little more diverse. But keep in mind that this is a heavy crossover thrash metal album and not some drawn out progressive metal album so they will try to get all the anger and tension out of their system. “High Speed Steel” features a riff section that is really similar to that of "The Four Horsemen” song. If you are an avid heavy metal listener you will spot this influence.

Brief Analysis of the Songs

The album features melodic guitar play, various musical influences and an anger that has been present since their debut album. “Blood Vessel/Boat Jail” has that Testament influence in the guitar play once again. Songs such as “Ten Cent Beer Night” have that Master of Puppets solo influence and near the end there is that Scorpions influence if you recall that famous song “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” “Putting On Errors” has a guest vocal appearance by Mark “Barney” Greenway of the band Napalm Death. This is one of those songs that has that hardcore feel to it for sure.

Final Thoughts About Municipal Waste's 7th Studio Album

Electrified Brain is an album that is the most musically diverse and mature release to date for these guys from Richmond, Virginia. The vocal chants in a few of the songs also add to this musical richness of sorts. The first song which also happens to be the title track has the sound of an electric chair in the beginning and I have to wonder if these guys thought they were Metallica trying to sound creative and hoping that this move would impress but that section is unnecessary. They should just get into the song instead of trying to set the stage like that. The other con that we could point out about this latest effort is that the vocals could have been done better without the overly aggressive shouting type if you what I mean. It is still challenging to state whether this album is a better one than 2007’s The Art of Partying. This latest effort has a more collaborative effort certainly but it does not have as good of a title track as that 2007 album did and the songs aren’t quite as good as the ones on that mentioned album. Even so, it is a good enough album from a band that took 5 years to come up with new material but of course, world events probably dictated what their strategy might have been. For the purposes of this review and analysis, we are going to rate this album out of 50 points and at this initial early stage, Electrified Brain gets a 38 out of 50 points.

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