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Review of the Album "Ear Piercing Thrash" by Greek Thrash Metal Band Bio-Cancer

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About the Band Bio-Cancer and Their 2012 Debut Album

Bio-Cancer is a thrash metal band from the country of Greece and that might be one of the most unusual names for a metal band but how is the music on their debut album Ear Piercing Thrash? If you asked that question wanting to know about the quality of the songs that’s a legitimate question. This debut isn’t even 30 minutes long and I would say imagine listening to a mixture of raspy death metal vocals plus hardcore shouts while influenced by the older thrash metal bands and that’s what you hear on this 2012 debut album. An album like this is best suited to be one of the shorter ones because it is built exclusively on speed with the riffs and especially the lead guitar parts. In spite of this supposed deficiency with the album it is still better than Japan’s Fastkill.

The 2010’s saw or witnessed releases from countries such as Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Greece to name a few European countries that have made strides to improve in the thrash metal department.

The First Two Songs Set the Tone for the Style of the Album

The title track is an indication that these guys are very much ready to start playing thrash metal. The solo in this song could be considered ear piercing because it is just so fast. “Your Punisher” starts in the same way that the first song did. The song is lyrically about a person or force that is coming to snuff the life out of a person.

The Flaws of the Album Ear Piercing Thrash

Ear Piercing Thrash is an album that is a fun listen but it can get old and stale because of the similarity of the riffs and style. Basically the songs follow the same old-school riff and bass structure and for that the album’s score will have to be deducted a few points. The vocals which in most cases sound like a raspier version of the late Alexi Laiho could also be improved as well. The vocals sound like the band was trying to rush them and they sound as if they are forced.

The Songs and Final Thoughts of Bio-Cancer's Debut

The songs "Ear Piercing Thrash" and "Your Punisher" have similar riff styles and drumming even though they are not the same songs. This sort of thing can make an album musically stale after a while though. This same riff structure continues into the song “Backstabbed Again.” And this album isn’t a modern version of Slayer’s Reign in Blood either. What this album consists of is old-school thrash that is more modern with LOTS of speed and furious vocals in some instances. The band also brings up the subject of cancer in the song Get Cancered…Now.” The song lyrically is about all the sources that can cause humans to get cancer including the toxic environment, air pollution, and obesity. The only perhaps sort of exception to the old-school riffing pattern in this album is the song called “You Scream You Die” which has a melodic secondary riff after the beginning of the song. Ear Piercing Thrash is a decent debut album by these Greeks and it may pierce your eardrums because of the raspy vocals or screams which are a constant. However, the album lacks the creativity that is present in many other thrash metal albums and because of this, we cannot give this album a superb final score.

Rating: 76 points out of 100 for a C grade

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