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Review of the Album "Dusk and Her Embrace - The Original Sin" by Cradle of Filth

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This is a Re-recording of Cradle of Filth's Famous Second Album

Dusk and Her Embrace – The Original Sin is actually a re-recording of the band Cradle of Filth’s 2nd studio album Dusk and Her Embrace and this album has the lineup of members from the band’s first album. So in a sense, this album exists in two versions. The band was having a bad relationship with their then record label Cacophonous Records and relations between the two parties collapsed. According to Dani the vocalist the early recordings dating back to 1995 and 1996 were demos rather than a finished musical product. Nonetheless, this second recording features the return of prominent drummer Nicholas Barker. This is not the dawn of a new era for Cradle of Filth but it is a way for the band to recreate their older material and have the members from the early days reunite at least once more. Regardless of the bitterness that the band had with their former record label, The Original Sin is better than the original Dusk and Her Embrace.

How Cradle of Filth Has Improved

The main difference in terms of style between the original Dusk and Her Embrace and this re-recording is that Dusk and Her Embrace had more of a raw feel to it. The Original Sin has the benefit of modern sound plus better melodies. Sara’s voice has also improved.

What You Get On This Album Is Iron Maiden Influenced Black Metal

What is present on this album is essentially the 1996 album Dusk and Her Embrace along with three songs that were not on that album plus a few demos as well. However the track listing on this album is different but if you are a fan of horror influenced symphonic black metal than the UK’s Cradle of Filth should be very enjoyable for you. But as usual, the one aspect that you may eventually get used to or not is the screeching vocal style of Dani. Also, on this release is the fact that one of the song titles is longer. That song which is called “Haunted Shores” on the 1996 album is called “Haunted Shores of Avalon” on this 2016 album. The song Haunted Shores of Avalon has a midsection melody that sounds a lot like Iron Maiden.

More Differences in Musical Style Compared to Dusk and Her Embrace

Stylistically on this album there is more of an emphasis on chanting style female vocals and the bass guitar in some instances is more noticeable along with the more modern guitar sound. We will try to focus on discussing the songs which were not on the 1996 studio album. In a sense the music of Cradle of Filth might just be a sort of acquired taste. There is black metal such as Catamenia and then there are these guys. Cradle of Filth use a ton of orchestration combined with female vocals which was a main foundation of theirs in the 1990s. In the re-recording of the song “Funeral in Carpathia” instead of the normal vocal dialogue, there is an active attempt to sing and make it sound like a harmonic vocal attempt which actually makes this version of the song better.

"Carmilla's Masque"

We come upon the beautiful music box style instrumental song called “Carmilla’s Masque” and this one is a little different than other Cradle of Filth instrumentals in the sense that it does not have a symphonic kind of feel in the literal sense. There are demo versions of the songs “A Gothic Romance” and “Nocturnal Supremacy.” One other song that we did not mention is the one called “Macabre, This Banquet” which is a short, yet suspenseful kind of instrumental song with the roaring of a lion in the song. At least that’s what I hear when listening to this as it builds into the next song “Nocturnal Supremacy.” Well the wait was worth it for Suffolk England’s Cradle of Filth as what we have here is a great album that can be enjoyed with a nice cup of tea. “Nocturnal Supremacy” is a song that lyrically talks about the dark secrets of the night as Nicholas’s drumming is shown to be pure and precise.

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Dusk and Her Embrace Versus The Original Sin

"Heaven Torn Asunder"

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