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Review of the Album "Drunk Beyond the Grave" by Barcelona Spain’s Thrash Metal Band Liver Killer

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Here is a Sort of Thrash Metal Album That We May Not See All the Time

Drunk Beyond the Grave is the second studio album by Barcelona Spain based thrash and crossover metal band Liver Killer. Just so everyone knows, the lyrics and album themes are based on satire and are not meant to be taken seriously. With that out of the way let’s discuss the musical aspect of this almost 40 minute entertaining album. And you can even notice that these guys want to have fun with this album when there is a brief uttering of the words “kick it” in the song called “The Never Ending Party.” Lyrically the song is all about having fun at a party which the participants in it say that they never want that party to end.

An Album With Catchy Choruses and Even Interesting Dialogue

The album’s title itself may be enough to drive some potential listeners away but those people with an open mind will really get pleasure out of this album. In the song called “Deadly Hangover” there is a mid-section that sounds a lot like the band Edguy so those of you that have heard of Edguy will notice this similarity. “Doctor, Doctor” has a really catchy chorus that you will remember. The song lyrically is about someone that really needs to see a doctor because he feels very sick. He rushes through the hospital corridor frantically saying that he needs to be healed from a disease. There is narration and dialogue as the voice of the doctor can be heard. He tells his patient that he is in a really bad situation and that he needs a liver transplant. Listening through this album again, it is possible to notice that the riffing sounds partially like a more mid-tempo version of the band Tankard.


Commentary About the Songs in Liver Killer's 2nd Studio Album

“Requiem for a Drink” is a song that starts off really soft like a ballad before making the transition into a heavy song about someone that doesn’t know if he is dead or alive. Is life really a dream for him? He wonders of he can have one last thrilling moment before he expires. The beginning of that song with the beautiful piano part is similar to what you may have heard in the song “The Unforgiven 3.” But unlike that song, this one transitions into a heavy thrash metal and punk vibe kind of song. “Divine Comedy” is actually a narration between the person whose spirit went to heaven and he is told that GOD is speaking to him. GOD tells him that HE is giving him another chance to live but on one condition. That condition is that he must never drink alcohol again. In the dialogue, GOD or the person speaking to him is very serious about this. He must either accept the deal or he will go down to hell. One other aspect that needs to be discussed here is how this album actually begins. It begins with a 27 second track called “Awakening” with flutes and the sounds of birds chirping as the story is being told that there is a person that is ready to take on the day after waking up from a long sleep cycle basically. This second album from these Spanish guys is more entertaining than the early crossover bands such as Suicidal Tendencies because well, I just think that there is more entertainment value with these guys and there are no song titles that begin with a nasty word, so there’s that part of it too.

"Requiem for a Drink"

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