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Review of the Album "Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks" by Acid Drinkers

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A Good Question to Ask About the Album

Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks is the second studio album by Polish thrash metal band Acid Drinkers and it was released in 1991 right after their 1990 album Are You a Rebel? I did say earlier that this album was at best musically average but looking back at this album 30 years later is that still the case? Does the album represent the nadir or the bottom point for Acid Drinkers?

A Very Different Kind of Acid Drinkers Album Awaits the Listener

The album does have that sort of fast punk rock feel to it and these guys do that pretty well. The bass guitar that has always been audible and complements the guitar has always been one of the main strengths of Acid Drinkers. Musically Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks is one of the band’s more different offerings sounding like it is lighter than most of their releases. Other than the Deep Purple cover song that Acid Drinkers does on this album, this is one of their releases that will more than likely send shock waves through the bodies of some listeners because they will more than likely wonder what happened to the Acid Drinkers style. Did Acid Drinkers decide to go in a more mainstream direction with this release?

Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks Is Not a Bad Album Even for Acid Drinkers

Think of this album as a kind of break from the usual musical approach that we have seen from Acid Drinkers. Some of you may still not like this album because of how light it feels compared to what was to come later. There’s only so much really heavy metal music that most of us can tolerate over a period of time and that’s just part of human nature. For some bands, even their weakest album musically is still good. Of all the Acid Drinkers albums that I’ve heard and that’s quite a few, Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks may be the weakest album but it couldn’t be described as the absolute nadir for the band.

For the time period that this album was released, it was released at just the right time in the history of modern rock and metal music. 1991 was a year where so many bands were changing their musical styles as a sign of the times and what the record labels were demanding. In spite of the band’s dissatisfaction with what the label Under One flag was doing, they were still able to create material rather fast which speaks to the band’s dedication to the process of music making. By rather fast, we mean that Acid Drinkers released new material for two straight years.

More Analysis of the Songs In Brief

There is especially an attempt by the band to try to use humor, such as in the very short song “Yahoo” which has the both the guitars and bass playing a prominent role. This album is 48 minutes long but it will not feel like it is that long because some of the tracks are very short. It is rather interesting that one of the song titles in this album is the same as the band’s debut album. Acid Drinkers has had the habit of also covering songs about policemen and cops. One example of this is the song “Too Many Cops.” The vocal style is faster and differently arranged. Are there really too many cops on the streets? It sure seems like it. “Ziomas” in the beginning sounds like late 1970s to early 1980s Judas Priest.

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A Good Album But Not Elite Musical Material

Even if this second studio album by Acid Drinkers isn’t the absolute nadir for them, it still may be the weakest release by one of the most famous Polish metal bands. The 27 second track “Traditional Birthday” is a brief but good exotic influenced moment in an album that is pretty much the opposite of what Acid Drinkers has usually created during their almost 35 year career. Many of the guitar solos are fast but as far as being an elite album, this album does not deliver in that aspect. There are bits and pieces of that thrash feel such as in the song “Don’t Touch Me” but for the most part this is a punk and exotic riffing kind of album that is lighter than what would come later from these guys.

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