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Review of the Album "Digitotality" by Thrash Metal Band Exorcizphobia

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About the Band Exorcizphobia and the Style of Their Album Digitotality

Digitotality is the 2020 studio album by the band Exorcizphobia, a thrash metal band from the nation of the Czech Republic. Yes, if you are surprised to be reading about a metal band from the Czech Republic, you are not alone because this Central European nation normally isn’t associated with heavy metal much less even thrash metal but it does exist. Digitotality is an album with the style of Testament, Helstar, and Sacred Reich. I like to look at the vocals of this band as a more modernized version of Phil Rind.

About the Songs Desires of the Flesh and Digitotality

As this album begins, the first song “Desires of the Flesh” has this sort of atmospheric, dark beginning until the main riff comes in. It speeds up and has the feel of an Annihilator song. A part of the vocal line kind of sounds like what the song “Over the Wall” would have sounded like except the production of this song that you hear is obviously more developed and modern. “Desires of the Flesh” lyrically is about how human beings have been influenced to live a lifestyle of going to work, eating, drinking and having sex only to die in the end and wonder what their lives could have been. There is also the title track Digitotality in this album which lyrically is about the negative effects of the rise of technology, more specifically that virtual reality has made people’s reality become altered as no one seems to pay attention at all to real life. It is almost like the song is describing that humans have went from the real world to a more virtual world.

Why Exorcizphobia is Not Crossover Thrash Metal

There is an interlude section of the song “Ancient Deception” that is similar to Blind Guardian’s Battalions of Fear album. You can tell by the lead guitar playing and interludes that this song is influenced by 1980s speed metal. To say that Exorcizphobia is crossover thrash metal is not accurate. The style of this album actually has progressive elements in it as well as the 1980s thrash influence. It takes a large amount of analysis of the different styles of music to be able to spot these qualities.

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and this map shows a map of the world in a rather interesting fashion.

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and this map shows a map of the world in a rather interesting fashion.

Lyrical Themes of the Songs in Digitotality and Interpretation of the Album's Title

Lyrically, the songs of Digitotality focus on topics such as corporate greed, the slow rotting of the planet, and control of human minds. I like to think of the album Digitotality as a combination of two words, digit and totality. There is more than one way to try and interpret the album’s title and given the complexity, it can be challenging to say that the album’s title means one specific thing. It could be that the album’s title is trying to symbolize that in this competitive world of ours, humans are exploited and taken advantage of at their places of work, thus being like only a number in the eyes of their employer as the employer is trying to maximize his or her profits at the expense of others.

"Digitotality" Full Album

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Final Thoughts About the Album Digitotality

In an album that has so much lyrical content about the corporate greed and life as a struggle, the progressive influenced song “Perception is the Key” lyrically is about staying true to your values and not being afraid of what others may think about you. Also, the song is trying to say that you can always change your vibrational frequency to manifest something even better in your life. The way that we perceive life is the key as the song is trying to say. In what can be considered a sort of interesting move by Exorcizphobia, their song “Profit At All Cost” lyrically is about corporate greed but the first line of the lyrics may be the most memorable for the most of us. There is reference to the fact that money’s talking. It may be cheesy and funny but corporate greed still exists in 2021. Who is responsible for this greed? “Oumuamua” (yes that is the name of this song) is a very long instrumental song with progressive influences in it that helps to balance out this thrash metal album. Overall, Digitotality is a fine modern thrash metal release from a country that most of us wouldn’t even think that would even have thrash metal bands in it.

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