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Review of the Album "Derange" by Spanish Thrash Metal Band Rise

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Madrid Spain's "Rise" Is a Good Young Thrash Metal Band

If you came to this article seeing that there is a review about a thrash metal band from Spain and are surprised, you are not alone. Madrid Spain based thrash metal band "Rise" is the artist that we are reviewing here and even I was surprised to see or find out about thrash metal in Spain. Their album “Derange” is a thrash metal album that is described as having influences ranging from Megadeth and Testament.

The First Four Songs On the Album Derange Are the Strongest

This album begins with the great minute and a half instrumental song called Rise or Die and the bass guitar is a wonderful complement to the guitar play. Awaken starts this album in terms of full songs. It is only a matter of time before the citizens of a country will rise up and demand fair and just laws, and better representation in Parliament. “In Disguise” is a song that talks about the events of World War 2 as the scene shifts to the year 1942 and the Fascists are in charge, more specifically the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan. For those that were affected by this war, they had to whatever they could to survive everything that happened.

Weakness About the Album Derange

However, in the later stages of this album, the riffing becomes the same sounding and modernized thrash that we hear from these guys and that takes the score of the album down a little bit at least.

“No Fire Enough” lyrically is totally an anti-war, anti-church kind of song as the song in terms of its structure represents the last song, being a sort of mid-tempo thrash metal song. Rise is a band that is advocating for social change without surrender.

A View of the Street of Spain's Capital City Madrid

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Nakba Is Another Solid Song In This Album

“Nakba” starts out with this progressive feel as I am reminded of 1996 Opeth like songs such as “The Night and the Silent Water. The song we are talking about here though lyrically is about fighting to maintain control of what is called The Holy Land. The best songs in the album Derange are the first four which are the most solid ones.


Final Thoughts About the Album Derange

"Derange" is a decent album from these Spanish youngsters but there have been better thrash metal moments. The potential for these guys to really excel musically is there but they have to be able to diversify themselves more musically instead of sticking to the same mid-tempo sound that we hear in the middle of the album.

"Rise or Die"

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