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Review of the Album "Demonic Possession" by Dutch Blackened Thrash Metal Band Destructo

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Genre: black/thrash metal

Country of origin: the Netherlands

Length: 39:54

Record label that the album is signed to: Dying Victims Productions

Introducing the Dutch Band Destructo

The Netherlands and blackened thrash metal is not something that we hear about very often. Dutch band Destructo is one of those bands and their name is like a tribute to certain bands that have come out of Brazil such as Sarcofago, Holocausto, and Vulcano.

The Musical Style of Destructo's Debut Album

Anyway, Destructo’s debut album called Demonic Possession sounds a lot like Witchery and the vocals are of a very muffled and dark type of nature. If there is one obvious con to this album and the band it is that the vocals are super raspy and very difficult to understand but when you have the combination of black metal and thrash metal, this sort of thing is likely to happen. In spite of the band’s name these guys have created an album that doesn’t cause a decline in the black metal genre but they help it get better.

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Demonic Possession is an Album That Could Have Been Written in the 1980s

The first song “Succubus” has that rather dark tone and guitar style to it and it may as well have been a song released by Cradle of Filth because that British extreme band has a tendency to have song titles just like this one. After that initial dark section, the song really speeds up followed by a black metal growl. The song is all about someone who will do what he can to satisfy his sexual and lustful desires. Songs such as “Black Mark” and “In Service of No One” lyrically discuss a rather taboo subject and if you analyze it closely enough, you will see what is being referred to here. The album has a very dirty and raw feel to it, so much so that you would think that this is an album that came out in the 1980s. Destructo is a band that has decided to have a very raw sound on this album and it may turn off some listeners. The middle of the song “Necromancy” has a really heavy riff resembling a more progressive feel and tone, something that we would have heard from early Fates Warning. Then there are really fast songs such as “Lycanthro Kommando” which is lyrically about a pack of rabid animals whose objective is to cause chaos and social anxiety. These days it can be hard for bands to innovate themselves when it comes to song lyrics because of the plethora of bands that have written about similar lyrical themes such as Judas Priest’s Nightcrawler song. Then there is the exotic lead guitar filled “Bloodthirst” song as well so these Dutch guys aren’t just playing fast for the sake of playing fast. Then there is a song called “Total Death” which in terms of its style can be a hybrid of black metal with a touch of modern grunge in the mix if you can believe that. Yes, it takes a good ear for music to be able to interpret an album in this manner. Lyrically, much of the album deals with Satanism, black magic and sorcery type of topics. However, unlike bands such as Dimmu Borgir, bands such as Destructo are not as tough to tolerate for some reason. The album ends with the title track which is lyrically about what happens when a person’s mind is clouded by evil thoughts when they take part in an incantation. The process is a form of mind control basically.


Final Thoughts About the Band Destructo's Debut Album

Overall this debut album from the Netherlands’ Destructo is pretty good with some melodic parts but they should do something about really improving the vocals so that the album could have been in more of an elite category.

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