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Review of the Album "Deliverance" by Corrosion of Conformity

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Musical Style of the Album Deliverance

Deliverance is the 1994 studio album by one of the most famous Southern metal bands in the music business Corrosion of Conformity. After having heard their previous album Blind, it was part of the natural process that I would dive even deeper into the discography of this band. C.O.C. has been around since 1982 so they are definitely one of the longest lasting metal bands out there. Taking over vocal duties on this album is Pepper Keenan and he does quite a good job taking over for Karl Agell. Deliverance is Southern rock that sounds very much like early Black Sabbath with a little bit of a blues sort of feel. “Clean My Wounds” is one of those songs that upon the first note being played you know it is going to be a song to remember.

The Significance of the Album Deliverance

Kerrang! described Deliverance as a “true 90s classic.” That magazine is right in that assessment because Deliverance is an album that clearly delivers the goods! This is one of the ways that American metal can really excel! Deliverance is not an album full of Southern rock but it also has instrumental tracks which are soft, pleasing to the ear and very well written. I look at Deliverance is kind of like an album that is so good that it is like a pizza that in which every time you order it and eat it, the pizza is flavorful and delicious.

"Without Wings"

North Carolina the home state of the band Corrosion of Conformity

North Carolina the home state of the band Corrosion of Conformity

Deliverance Achieved Pretty Good Commercial Success

Right from the beginning the Southern rock influence is evident in this one. The album by Corrosion of Conformity that I am most familiar with is Blind but Deliverance is definitely a better album. Deliverance was the first album in this band’s career to enter and rank in the Billboard 200 charts getting up to #155.

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Albatross is Another Memorable Song in Deliverance

“Albatross” is another memorable song in Deliverance which lyrically is about a person that has been living a life of lies and he has this sort of albatross around his neck. The vocal performance by Pepper Keenan is really good here as he sings “well you can call me crazy.” This is better than Rob Halford’s vocal performance in the song “Little Crazy” but nonetheless “Albatross” is a great blues style song.

So far as we are in the early stages of this 1994 album it is pretty much flawless through the first four songs easily beating albums such as Far Beyond Driven in terms of albums released in 1994.


"Clean My Wounds" Music Video

Three More Reasons Why Deliverance is a Great Album

There are three additional reasons why the album Deliverance is so great and this greatness has to do with the three instrumental songs in this album. Yes, this may sound unusual that it is the instrumental tracks which make this album great but you are about to see why this is the case. Another standout moment which is memorable is the short guitar driven instrumental song called “Without Wings.” Stylistically the song is like the song “If Only” by Sacred Reich and that’s a great thing. “Mano de Mono” is the second instrumental song of this album and the structure is simpler than the first instrumental song yet it still sounds beautiful. It is no surprise that Deliverance is considered such a great album. C.O.C. is one of those bands that has helped expand the tradition of elite US Southern bands. The two most famous other bands from this region are Pantera and Helstar. “#2121313” is the third and last instrumental song in Deliverance and the style is sort of like Metallica’s Orion though it is really short. These three instrumental songs alone make Deliverance one of the best albums by an American metal band.

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