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Review of the Album "De Profundis" by Polish Death Metal Band Vader

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Basic Information, Band Personnel and Introduction to Vader's Second Album

Length: 34 minutes of hard-hitting death metal

Band Personnel for the album De Profundis is as follows:

  • Peter – vocals and guitars
  • Jaroslaw “China” Labieniec – guitars
  • “Doc” (that was his stage name) – drums (1970-2005)
  • Leszek “Shambo” Rakowski – bass guitars note: although he was a longtime member of Vader he did not officially perform on any of their studio releases in spite of being credited.

Vader is one of the oldest metal bands in the Polish death metal scene dating back as far as 1983 and being a fan of their thrash metal scene, it was almost as if reviewing their second studio album De Profundis would be automatic or even second nature. Truth be told, I was actually wanting to listen to Danzig’s Circle of Snakes album when a recommendation for Vader’s second album came up in the YouTube search algorithm results or something like that.

De Profundis is a Special Album

The album though definitely does have a dark feel to it and what is presented on this album may be more listenable than many other death metal albums even those released by Dimmu Borgir. That’s a bold statement to make considering the influence of Dimmu Borgir in the genre. The thing about Vader is that they do not have a dark sound to their music that will make it hard to get through. Stylistically there is also the musical feel of the band Slayer in this album with a more modern twist to the songs obviously. Did a release like De Profundis put the country of Poland on the map on their way to recognition in the death metal genre? That is a decent assumption to make.

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About the Songs in De Profundis

De Profundis was released in 1995 and the production is actually better than what it would have been for that time. There is a quality about European metal bands that is really hard to describe here. It is almost like it is something magical that keeps the listener tuned in. De Profundis is certainly one of those albums. I see a vocal similarity to Johan Liiva, the man that would make his debut with Arch Enemy in the 1990s. Immediately, the album begins with “Silent Empire” as the sound of lightning precedes the riffs and almost standard death metal drum style. There are singing parts of “we await the silent empire” as it transfers instantly into the next song “An Act of Darkness” as the fast, skilled drumming may remind you of Sepultura or Napalm Death even because there is that death metal drum sound which just sounds like someone is pounding onto the drum kit. “Sothis” is a song that lyrically is about what we humans really are underneath our physical bodies. We are actually composed of cells, DNA and we are spiritual beings in a physical body. Who are we really? What is the big picture of this?

Vader certainly have some of the most complex lyrics that we may have been exposed to but as an album De Profundis stands out as a very good short death metal album. Short in terms of length can be relative in some cases but any album under 40 minutes in length may be considered short. Looking back at this second Vader album even for a newcomer to the band’s music, I sense that the album also has traces of Divine Intervention era Slayer in the mix as well.

"An Act of Darkness"

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