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Review of the Album "Dangerous Species" by Greeley Colorado Thrash Metal Band Draghoria

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Draghoria Is Colorado's Best "New" Thrash Metal Band

Draghoria is a thrash metal band from Greeley, Colorado and they have been around since 2013. Their second studio album Dangerous Species released just recently on May 21, 2022 is a rather fine example of how modern American thrash metal should be. The key word here is should and we are using this word for emphasis. This album is a mishmash of influences ranging from Slayer, Testament and Exodus. Draghoria is the second modern thrash metal band to come from the state of Colorado that I know of, the other one being Havok from Denver. There is good modern American thrash metal out there if you know where to look.

Imagine Listening to a More Modern Version of the Band Exodus

The vocals do sound very much like Steve “Zetro” Souza and this is pretty easy to spot in the first song called “Dangerous Species.” That is the title track of this album but I’m sure you already knew that if you happened to be able to listen to this album on YouTube. The band’s name and origin is said to be as a result of a world that has been altered by COVID-19.

Analysis of the Songs "Dangerous Species" and Terror Hypnosis"

“Dangerous Species” the song stylistically sounds like a more modern version of the band Exodus. Therefore, imagine listening to a more modern version of the album Tempo of the Damned and that’s what you will witness with this first song. “Terror Hypnosis” features some pretty melodic vocals as the song is lyrically about the impending doom of the human race.

"Terror Hypnosis"

About the Other Songs In "Dangerous Species"

The bass ridden third song is lyrically about the fact that because of greed, the poor and disadvantaged do not have health insurance coverage. The song lyrically paints a very bleak future specifically for the United States. The song is also trying to point out that much of this death results from human greed. “Deaducation” is a song that is lyrically about how students in the American education system have been brainwashed and put into a system that enslaves them. Education is a priority as the song states but there is a huge issue in the US in terms of how each state ranks in the category of education. “Hate Machine” is a song that lyrically describes a situation in which hate seems to surface in every invention that is created. The song also describes social media as being this sort of pain in the neck that has become a part of our daily lives. “Within Seconds of Death” is a song that sounds like Kreator and it is about the fact that we will all die someday yet some of us are under the illusion that we have a lot of time. “Blind Eye” has a really good bass line as the song lyrically is about the fact that people turn a blind eye to many of the world’s most serious social problems. The US government helps those that are already rich, leaving the poor even more destitute than before.


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