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Review of the Album "Crossover" by US Metal Band D.r.i.

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The Album That Gave the Genre of Crossover Thrash Metal Significance

Crossover is the 3rd studio album by US metal band D.R.I. or Dirty Rotten Imbeciles and it was released in 1987. Given the fact that I already had heard their 1989 album Thrash Zone, the album caught my attention. It is rather interesting that the album’s title is "Crossover" given the fact that this longtime crossover metal band is considered to be the fathers of crossover thrash. The genre of crossover was given life because of this release.

About the Songs in "Crossover"

The album lyrically addresses wrongs that have done to other people and the main theme of issue of injustice which is covered in the song called “Tear it Down.” Will we unite as a society to tear down or get rid of things that no longer serve us? The song “Probation” has a blues influenced solo after the bass part that starts the song. The bass guitars are pretty clear in this album. In terms of the production, Crossover for the time period in which it was released is quite good considering the kind of technology that was available to us. This fourth song addresses the flaws of the US legal system actually and you will find this out if you analyze the lyrics closely enough. Listening to this album again, it can be said that I have made a new discovery. That discovery lies in the fact that these guys influenced bands such as Tankard as well. I get the sense when I listen to the song called “Go Die!” That’s a pretty morbid song title but it can be surmised or even said that these guys just wanted to get that rage out of their system with these songs on this album. “No Religion” lyrically is pretty much what the song wants to address in terms of the message. The song is about being against organized religion in the churches. The bass guitar sound on this song may be the best that this album has to offer. “Oblivion” is the song that ends this album and this song is out of the established tradition of shorter songs because this one is a five minute plus song about the effects of nuclear bombs.

The most famous song on this album is the one called “The Five Year Plan." The song is about a person that is so angry that he was used and taken advantage of that it is only a matter of time before he gets his revenge.

Is Crossover an Influential Type of Album in the Genre?

Even though the songs in this album are for the most part fast, it is most definitely not a boring kind of fast if you know what I mean. Crossover is not the best studio release from D.R.I. but it is one of those albums that set a good standard for albums of its type that would come after. Listening to this album once again, I notice that D.R.I. even influenced bands such as Australia’s Head in a Jar. The reason is because of the type of bass play that is present in these songs as well as the way the speedy riffs are constructed. Even the bass guitar play is sometimes fast in here that Head in a Jar would later use in their music as well. Is Crossover a sort of warm-up album for fans of the genre? It depends how the person views the album. The bass player on this album Josh Pappe unfortunately died of heart failure early in 2020 so he is no longer alive to think about how this album has aged over time. Shall we call this album an influential type of crossover thrash metal? That kind of description certainly could be accurate.

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on July 26, 2021:

Thank you very much for commenting. I had not really listened to this band's music until probably last year. This is one of the oldest such bands from the United States that is still active. Though they have not released a full length studio album since 1995 which is a really long time.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on July 26, 2021:

This is nice review. Thanks for sharing.

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