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Review of the Album "Cracked Brain" by German Thrash Metal Band Destruction

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Length: 39 minutes

Genre: thrash metal

Label that it was signed to: Noise Records

Year released: 1990

"No Need to Justify"

An Underrated Thrash Metal Album Awaits the Listener Here

Destruction is one of those German thrash metal bands that was categorized among the big 4 ones in Germany the others being Sodom, Holy Moses, and Tankard. Their 4th studio album called Cracked Brain may be one of those that has slipped under the radar so to speak and has been forgotten. It is one of those underrated kind of albums and should be a real good musical treat for thrash metal fans. It is the only studio album to have Andre Greider of the band Poltergeist. I had not started listening to these guys until 2021 so I got into their music really late. I look at the vocals as being an early version of how Dave Mustaine sounded like in the early Megadeth albums.

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"When Your Mind Was Free"

About the Songs in Cracked Brain

The album starts interestingly enough with the title track which isn’t always the case but that’s what happens here. The song is sort of like a melodic version of early Testament combined with thrash metal of course. The song lyrically addresses someone that is deeply confused and he has no idea what he is going to talk about. He feels as if he is deteriorating mentally. Stylistically the album Cracked Brain isn’t much different from early Holy Moses such as albums like Finished With the Dogs or World Chaos. This album is really the first Destruction album I got into and diving deeper into it you realize that for the avid thrash metal fan this is an outstanding effort considering that this is their first studio album without one of their founding members bassist and vocalist “Schmier” who was fired from the band but did return for the albums in the 2000s and beyond. Another quality that is noticeable about this album is that it incorporates 1980s melody that Testament did and both of these bands were pretty much formed around the same time. There is also a cover performance of the song “My Sharona” and whether it is coincidence or not Italian metal band Eldritch would cover this same song years later as well. This is one of those songs that probably does not need to be on a thrash metal album as impressive as this one and there are quite a few impressive albums in this genre that have stood the test of time. Rippin’ You Off Blind is a song that is about basically how an employer can take advantage of you and promise to pay you money you make but never get. The song lyrically is also trying to say that some people only care about saving themselves. You can really notice the anger and passion in this song that the band is really trying to inform us that this world does have people that literally want to rip us off.

How Good is the Album Cracked Brain?

Ending this album are the songs “No Need to Justify” and “When Your Mind Was Free.” The first of these two mentioned starts off with an acoustic part and builds up into thrash metal as usual. The song lyrically describes what happens in a world where there is a lack of sympathy. We are forced to dive deep into our hearts and remove our scars from our past. These last two songs are the weakest in this album but even so they do not greatly diminish what is very much an underrated but very good album in the career of Germany’s Destruction!

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