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Review of the Album "Covenant Tyrannis" by Canadian Thrash Metal Band Crimson Caliber

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Covenant Tyrannis is a Thrash Metal Album to Really Appreciate

There has been quite a resurgence of thrash metal in Canada in recent years. The band Crimson Caliber from Alberta, Canada has released their 2021 debut album called Covenant Tyrannis and it is an album to be in total awe of and be impressed because of the high musical quality. With Ensiferum style vocals and Metallica influenced riffs, this is an album to truly appreciate!

Analysis of the Song "Trigger Hungry"

“Trigger Hungry” which is the second song of this almost 40 minute thrash metal album is about rebelling against someone that is trying to threaten them and he is asking what this person’s motive is. The song takes an interesting musical turn as it sort of transforms into a thrash/Gothic metal hybrid.

What Kind of Thrash Metal Is Present On This Album?

What is presented by Crimson Caliber on this album is thrash metal that is well done while at the same time not being a bunch of fast, aggressive riffs thrown together just to make it sound like thrash. This album is thrash metal but it does not have the feel of Razor, one of the most well-known bands in Canada. Doing the vocals is Travis Malley who also plays the rhythm guitar.

"Burning Horizon"

How Good of An Album Is This?

The album starts with the fast and mid-tempo song “Forsaken Disciples.” I don’t know whether Crimson Caliber was influenced by Annihilator but Travis says the word “go” as the song speeds up into a good thrash metal opener. To say that Crimson Caliber has a raw thrash metal approach wouldn’t be totally accurate but the vocals are rougher than what you would hear from a thrash metal band and Travis uses a few growls in the songs. “The Final Slaughter” is a song that lyrically must have been influenced by the band Kreator as the song tells us of impending doom due to nuclear fallout as all the things that happened worldwide in 2020 are a fraction of what’s to come. “Burning Horizon” continues lyrically in the same way that the previous song did. Lyrically, the band and this album certainly isn’t original but it is an awesome display of melody and creativity and shows that Canada is indeed a country that is growing thrash metal scene.

"Forsaken Disciples"

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A Few Cons About the Album and Crimson Caliber

However, all is not flawless on the album. One instance of this is the song called “The Way” which has a very repetitive chorus in a song that is basically about a group of guys playing heavy music and that nothing will stop them. Lyrically, Crimson Caliber really doesn’t differ much from the loads of thrash metal bands out there which may be an issue for some listeners of the genre. If you feel that the album is lyrically stale, you are not alone.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for thrash metal that presents originality and uniqueness, Crimson Caliber will not give you that. On the other hand, if you are looking for thrash metal that is written just right to be good enough in most spots of the album then Covenant Tyrannis will suit you just fine. Having stated that, this is a good enough debut from a band that if they stay together have a chance to flourish and prosper.

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on June 02, 2021:

To all the members of Crimson Caliber: thank you so so much for stopping by to comment! I always want to review new albums that are released because not everyone will cover them. Canada is definitely growing in the thrash metal genre and things are looking good. Covenant Tyrannis is only the beginning for you guys. Take care and release more albums in the future!!

Crimson Caliber on June 02, 2021:

Thanks for reviewing our album! Cheers!

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