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Review of the Album "Convulsive Perseverance" by the Death and Thrash Metal Band Seizure from the Philippines

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Here Comes the Philippines' Equivalent of Sepultura

If I told you that there is heavy metal in the Philippines, you would probably roll your eyes in disbelief. The Philippines is maybe the latest country to join the heavy metal movement. The band Seizure (not the thrash metal band from Los Angeles) is from Central Luzon and after a very busy 2020, they released their debut album called Convulsive Perseverance which sounds like it may as well have been recorded back in 1987. You would probably feel good to know that there is a band that has the potential to carry the heavy metal torch and pass it along to other bands after Sepultura retires from the scene. Some of you might wonder why we bring up the band Sepultura in the beginning of an album review. It is because these guys are highly influenced by them.

Further Analysis of Seizure Being Influenced by Sepultura

This debut from these Filipinos sounds very much like Sepultura’s 2nd album Schizophrenia and the influence is hard to deny. Even the guitar solos in this album sound like what we would hear in Schizophrenia. There is the constant chant of the word “rise” in the song “The Omnipresent Threat.” Then, there is a switch in melodic tempo as we hear a Kreator influenced part near the end. The vocals are a harsher version of Max Cavalera if that makes any sense. They are tough to understand because of how harsh they are. But this is just the tip of the iceberg for this album, as there is much to be impressed with including the long but melodic instrumental title track which finishes off this album. Some songs that end up being 11+ minutes long can cause you to lose interest and become bored but this one should not. This epic song is the Philippines’ equivalent of Sepultura not only because of the primary and secondary melodic sections but the drumming is another clue.

“Complex Thought Consciousness” starts off this album and after some dialogue that is hard to understand, right away, the bass guitar, guitars and drums kick in as the Sepultura influenced songs begin. There is a riff section in here that briefly reminds me of the band Morbid Angel. If the vocals are the only con or bad aspect of an album, that one aspect alone usually isn’t enough to make the album a total horror show. Sepultura isn’t the only band to have influenced Seizure but there is also a modern Metallica feel in the middle section of the song called “Emancipation Through Sheer Miasmatic Terror.” The guitars, especially the lead guitars are more modern and it is tough to say for sure whether these solos are a sort of Sepultura duplicate. As an example to demonstrate that these guys do indeed have the potential to be a great band is the rage filled song “Forged by Hate” which is a combination of fast and mid-tempo riff sections and the solo is pretty good too. The next song called “Death March” has this sort of Chaos AD vibe to it making it an album that could have been recorded in the 1990s as well.

"Complex Thought Consciousness"

Final Thoughts About "Convulsive Perseverance"

For what it is worth, Convulsive Perseverance is a promising debut by a band from a country that most people wouldn’t even associate with thrash metal. They just have to work on really improving the lead vocals and this album could then be one of those elite releases that even guitar players will love.

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