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Review of the Album "Common Sense" by Costa Rica’s Thrash Metal Band Chemicide

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Common Sense Is More Than Just An Album Title

San Jose Costa Rica’s thrash metal band Chemicide returns in 2022 with another brand new thrash metal album with lyrics focusing on the decay of society and social justice. This 4th studio album of theirs is called Common Sense. The band even sings about common sense being a lie in the title track so that is not a total surprise to me.

About the Lyrical Themes and Style

Lyrically, Chemicide attempts to bring to the discussion just how much economic inequality there is among the various nations of the world and the band brings attention to this in songs such as "False Democracy." The manner in which this album begins is well, true to form as these guys waste no time getting into a massive riff fest. Note: Common Sense was just released on March 15, 2022 so as of this writing and update, the album is brand new.

"False Democracy"

Detailed Analysis of the Songs In "Common Sense"

Yes, citizens in representative democracies have to the right to choose whom to elect but why is it that these same elites keep being brought into power while the people continue to suffer at their expense? If there is democracy, you would think that the system should work out for everyone. But the system does not work out for everyone and as a result, that’s why there is this inequality that is so common. Musically, it is the bass guitar play that really stands out on this album and Costa Rica’s Chemicide came back in a big way after their best-selling previous album Inequality in 2019. “Strike As One” is a melodic, modern day thrash metal song that has a few touches and the feel of Pantera’s Domination. It is time for other nations in the world to flex their thrash metal musical muscles and these guys have certainly done it for back to back albums. The song “Lunar Eternity” upon closer analysis is actually a song about the profit motive of the health care industry. An industry designed to help people slowly only poisons them until they die. “Barred Existence” is a song that is about a virus that lives inside of people’s heads, acting as a silent voice. Could it be about the human ego perhaps? “Color Blind” is a song that starts slowly and then builds up into a thrash metal song. The beginning section is melodic and somewhat progressive in nature. The song is about the decay of society as people have become ignorant to the realities of life in urban areas as corporations grow their profits. The song is encouraging people to wake up to the reality of life in urban areas around the world. The song “Disposable” lyrically is actually more suited to describe the lives of the working poor in the United States as employees are seen as expendable. Many people work very hard for low wages as retirement seems so far away and seems unattainable for some.

Final Thoughts About Chemicide's New Album

Overall, Common Sense is an album that marks a nice return to the studio for Costa Rica’s Chemicide. The bass guitar work is superb as it can clearly be heard in the songs and it provides a great secondary role. This is not quite Reign in Blood or Master of Puppets excellence level but it is an album that is still pretty darn good!

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