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Review of the Album "Coma of Souls" by German Thrash Metal Band Kreator

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Kreator Coma of Souls Front Album Cover

The album's cover is similar to that of the album called Schizo Deluxe. The human soul has the wisdom and intellect that is also stored in the brain. The album's title is symbolic referring to what happens when the soul is damaged.

The album's cover is similar to that of the album called Schizo Deluxe. The human soul has the wisdom and intellect that is also stored in the brain. The album's title is symbolic referring to what happens when the soul is damaged.

Coma of Souls is the One Positive Aspect of the Album and Here is the Reason Why

"Coma of Souls" is the 1990 studio album by German thrash metal band Kreator. This one is better than I initially thought after the first listen a few years back. The voice of vocalist Mille Petrozza sees a little improvement. One pro about the album is in the title track itself. The song addresses briefly what the dangers are of using our unconscious mind for the wrong purposes. One of the big problems with human nature is that so many of us use our subconscious mind to create what we do not really deeply desire or we create disastrous events such as war. For centuries man has used his mind for war, domination, and conquest. In the middle of these calamities, children have suffered as well. If there is one important lesson to be learned from this song, it is that we all must make sure to use our mental powers to create positive, lasting change.

People of the Lie is Another influential Song for Its Message

People of the Lie is a song that advocates an anti-genocide message, similar to the song Never written by Jeff Waters in 1997. We must never forget what has been done in the past and never repeat those sins. Ultimately, the people that fight for the rights of mankind will end up declaring victory in the end. The beginning drumming technique sounds like the song And Justice for All. Those of us that are concerned for the safety and security of mankind will be in disbelief when we hear about those that are willing to exterminate entire groups of people to push across their sick agenda. When history is written about what happens after these acts of genocide, the perpetrators of these crimes are always going to be on the wrong side of history.

A Photo of Kreator Vocalist Mille Petrozza With a Guitar in His Hand


Mille Petrozza Deserves Credit for his Vocal Range

I have compared Mille’s voice to that of Randy Rampage but one question worth asking to those that may be reading this album review is: do you think Mille Petrozza of Kreator deserves credit for being a decent vocalist? He does have a raspy kind of punk metal voice in a way but he does deserve credit for being a decent mid-range vocalist.

When the Sun Burns Red: Another Song Worth Listening to

When the Sun Burns Red is a song about the nasty effects of climate change on Earth. As the temperatures rise, the heat can become too much for us to handle. The risk of sunburns increases dramatically. There are more hailstorms and tornadoes in those zones. In periods of extreme heat, the risk of heat stroke and death is also a real possibility. It is impressive that I hear about more bands in the heavy metal genre discussing about climate change and the survival of our planet.

"When the Sun Burns Red"

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Other Notable Songs in the Album Coma of Souls

Agents of Brutality is a song that is lyrically similar to Iron Maiden’s song Assassin but this song is a heck of lot heavier. The song is about the actions of professional criminals that go after girls or helpless victims that are powerless as they pay the price for being innocent.

The song called Material World Paranoia brings awareness to the rise of corporate power and the fact that many people will succumb to the capitalist system. The promise of a better future is becoming harder and harder for many people but I am glad that the band brought up the subject for thought. If you feel like life is more difficult now than in previous generations, you are not alone.

"Material World Paranoia"

Favorite Kreator Album Among These

Final Thoughts about the Album Coma of Souls

Mental Slavery is actually about the effects that excess video screens and games can have a very adverse effect on children especially. Our minds can become slaves to solitude as social interaction is shunned in favor of social networking sites and video games. Overall, 1990’s Coma of Souls may not be as good as Pantera’s Cowboys from Hell for example but even at this time in their history, Kreator showed that they were on their way to really reaching superstar status, something that they reached in 2005. However, they got off to a very good start in the 1990’s!

"People of the Lie"

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