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Review of the Debut Album of Thrashtalk a French Crossover Thrash Metal Band

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Introducing France's Thrashtalk Active Since 2016

Thrashtalk is a crossover thrash metal band that is from France and France has become very much a part of the conversation when we discuss the new wave of thrash metal. Their debut album called Cold Beer, Space Dick is a short album clocking in at just over 30 minutes in length. However, the music on here is tight and to the point so you never really feel that it is out of place. The album is short enough that a person working for a music magazine can listen to it in one night 3 times through and then compose a review about it before it goes to the editors basically. Your next question may be about who plays on this album? Here is a look at the band members of Thrashtalk:


Thrashtalk Band Members

  • Frederic A. vocals
  • Frederic B. guitars
  • Christophe M. guitars
  • Hugo B. bass guitars and vocals
  • Sebastien P. drums

What Type of Debut Album is This?

This debut from these Frenchmen also sounds like a more modern type of Acid Reign type of album as well which is nice because we do get to hear the sound of these modern times. The vocals could certainly be improved so that they are more understandable. The album has that edge where these guys want fans to be able to kind of just jam to the music and get into it. Thrashtalk may have been influenced lyrically by the band Tankard to a degree because the lyrics between these two bands are similar.

About the Songwriting of This Debut From Thrashtalk

Thanks must be given once again to The New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal for featuring the work of these French guys. We have not witnessed or seen a crossover thrash metal group that has lyrics about partying and beer. Usually these kinds of lyrical themes would be a part of the repertoire of thrash metal bands that have tons more speed and creativity. The bass guitar in the beginning of the first song called “Kill to Drink” kind of reminds me of the song Countdown to Extinction. This first song is lyrically about trying to have fun while having a few drinks. It also has the feel of a more modern punk metal sound too. There is a degree of the musical influence of the band Suicidal Tendencies in this album such as in the song called “10 pas 10.” However the weak spot in this album is that sometimes the vocals are forced creating an environment or a situation that makes it really difficult to pick up what is being uttered. The album also addresses to a degree the dangers of excessive drinking making it seem like the alcohol consumed in excess is like being attacked by a demon on the inside. “Alien Attack” is like a more modern version of the UK’s Acid Reign which is a good try by these Frenchmen but it doesn’t quite measure up to those other guys. There is a really good rhythm section followed by a good solo so they didn’t mess up the song totally. These guys still have a lot to learn to develop their musical craft. The vocal range of Frederic A. is impressive though I will give him credit for that.

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