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Review of the Album Club Mondo Bizarre - for Members Only by Pungent Stench

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Club Mondo Bizarre Does Not Deserve This Much Bad Feedback

Club Mondo Bizarre - For Members Only sometimes referred to as just Club Mondo Bizarre is the 1994 studio album by Austrian death metal band Pungent Stench and it is also the band’s last album before their first disbandment in 1995. There is much criticism for this album on the website called Metal-Archives and part of the reason for reviewing this album is to attempt to dispel that negative feedback and to show that even when a death metal band changes their style and sound that it is still possible to put out a good work.

Why This Pungent Stench Album is Different Than Their First Two

For this album, all the members have distinct stage names so they don’t use their real names for the album. For this album, Martin still uses his death metal vocals but the album has a shift towards crossover and hardcore mixed in with the death metal. Pungent Stench changed their style a little later than other bands did in the 1990s but they nonetheless changed their style without totally changing to let’s say alternative metal. If some of you are going to criticize this album, that’s fine but at least be aware that this album is still a metal album that has retained the heaviness that Pungent Stench was known for. There is also a lyrical shift for this 3rd Pungent Stench album. Listening to this album for multiple times, you may become aware that this album feels like listening to death metal that sounds like Corrosion of Conformity.

Club Mondo Bizarre - for Members Only is a Better Album Than It is Given Credit for

Sometimes, the albums from a particular artist that receive the most criticism from many fans are the ones that end up being really liked by others. This album begins with the song called “True Life” which lyrically is about some of the events that really happen in real life that are not just seen on TV. If you analyze the lyrics closely enough you will see that many of us can relate to what is being said in the song. Further adding to the shift in musical direction for Pungent Stench is the fact that there is a blues rock kind of influence. One example of this is in the song called “Choked Just for a Joke.”

There is also a groove metal sort of influence in the song called “F*** Bizarre.” This is a musical quality that an experienced music listener can spot pretty quickly. Although the song title is obviously not a very good one, the song itself sounds like a groovy version of Sepultura. The only thing bizarre about song #9 is the title of the song. Pungent Stench would break up for the first time after this album but it is the one I probably like the most out of their first three releases.

Best Song on Club Mondo Bizarre - for Members Only

"Klyster Boogie"

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