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Review of the Album "Clouds" by Swedish Heavy Metal Band Tiamat

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A Little Bit of Information About the Band Tiamat

Tiamat is a Swedish doom, death, and Gothic metal band that I really have not known much about other than hearing about their 1994 studio album Wildhoney. Because of the major interest in Swedish heavy metal, this album needs a review and commentary. Tiamat’s 3rd studio album called Clouds.

How Does the Album Clouds Begin?

Immediately, the song called "In a Dream" shows the doom metal rock influence with hoarse vocals and it sounds somewhat like Finnish death rock band Gandalf. The song is about being influenced by the cover of night as we head off to sleep and dreams tell us a lot about what may be going on in our lives. The subconscious mind is still awake as we drift off to sleep and it has recorded our earliest memories in life up to the present time depending upon how long we have been on this planet called Earth.


About the Songs Clouds and Smell of Incense

Clouds is a song that discusses that in each of our human bodies we are like GOD in human form because HE created us in his likeness. However, there is also that bad influence in us because human beings have sinned so much. We have to be able to step out of that sinful zone somehow. I hear a sort of early Paradise Lost influence in this song as there is the similar shout of “step aside” which sounds like you are listening to an early 1990’s death metal band. "Smell of Incense" is a song about someone that is not sure whether they will find a place of paradise after they die. All they are able to witness now is the smell of pain, fear, and death.

About the Songs A Caress of Stars & Sleeping Beauty

"A Caress of Stars" begins as a song that experiments with classic doom and death metal as we see influences that Norwegian band Theatre of Tragedy would use when they were performing in the 1990’s. Johan Edlund’s vocals are hoarse enough that they sound like what we would hear from the Swiss band Celtic Frost. "The Sleeping Beauty" is a song about a man that is searching for his sleeping beauty, the woman that he considers to be his wife as he is dreaming about love. Why is he dreaming about love you might ask? He is wondering why he is dreaming of love as well. Inside he is suffering from so much pain and anguish that he thinks that the best key, the best solution to his problems is suicide. But in his dreams he feels like he is the one in control and he is the master of his dreams, the master of his fate.

Final Thoughts About the Album Clouds

As the album Clouds gradually nears its conclusion "The Scapegoat" is a song about a person that rejects others that try to put him down, analyze his personality and make him the scapegoat for all of life’s problems. "Undressed" is the last song in this album and it about finding the open door to a new world, a world in which two people can share their hopes, dreams, and aspirations as the girl mentioned in the song opens up her veins as the man opens up his mouth and they are headed towards love perhaps. Clouds is a pretty good introduction to Swedish heavy metal band Tiamat.

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"The Scapegoat"

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