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Review of the Album "Circus Black" by Finnish Power Metal Band Amberian Dawn

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Alternate Album Cover for Circus Black

This alternate album cover for Circus Black does not have the skeleton pictured on it looking outside the building but it still has the design of a circus on it.

This alternate album cover for Circus Black does not have the skeleton pictured on it looking outside the building but it still has the design of a circus on it.

"Circus Black" Also Has a Dark Moor Influence in it

Circus Black is the 4th studio album by Finnish power metal band Amberian Dawn released in 2012. It is also the last album to have original vocalist Heidi Parviainen. Let’s start off this year of 2018 which as of this writing is just a few days old giving credit to a band that is the modern day version of the band Nightwish but better. Circus Black might as well be a song that describes the chaos that can go on a mind that is not properly controlled. A subconscious mind and conscious mind that are not in tune with our deepest goals and desires will be two parts of a human mind that will deliver unwanted results to the person seeking to improve their life. There is a subtle difference in this album compared to the band’s first three releases. There is a Dark Moor influence in the last song of the album. The Dark Moor influence is from anything created in 2003 or later. That is after the departure of Elisa C. Martin. The last song in this album is a fast, thundering, power metal song called Lily of the Moon. The song is about an Indian girl that ran into a lake consumed by love. She would drown in the lake causing the warrior of the moon to ask the gods for help. Lily was turned into a watery plant that has large flowers which open up only during the night.

About the Songs Crimson Flower and Charnel's Ball

Crimson Flower tells the story of a merchant in a faraway land. His daughters ask him for three gifts, the third of which is a scarlet flower. The crimson flower is said to be very hard to find due to a magic forest that keeps it sealed. If this merchant even dares to touch this flower then the beast in the forest will take his daughter as a sacrifice. The song Charnel’s Ball has a terrific late 1990’s classical video game style sound. The memories that I get as I listen to the melody are the memories of playing the video game called Final Fantasy 2 (known as Final Fantasy 4 in Japan). There is a boss in that video game called the Calcobrena dolls and during that boss battle, there is this type of music in it.

About the Cover For Circus Black

If I had to say which Amberian Dawn album is the best of these 4, I’d have to say that as of this writing, their best album is their debut. Appropriately, the album’s cover once again matches the title as the two albums before this one did. The album cover has an image of a circus with lights on top of the building. A person dressed as a skeleton is looking out of the building.

Final Thoughts About the Album Circus Black

The song Letter in the beginning has a Nocturnal Rites influence before it speeds up giving it that power metal feel. The potential for greatness is there inside of us as the song says. If we help the ones that are in need of help or if we provide value to a friend that will show what our greatness really is. The greatness of a person is dependent partially on what kind of value that bring to other people. Rivalry Between Good and Evil is an instrumental song and that’s something we have not seen from this band before. The strongest songs in this album are Circus Black, Crimson Flower, Charnel’s Ball, and Lily of the Moon.

"Charnel's Ball"

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