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Review of the Album Chemical Assault by Brazilian Thrash Metal Band Violator

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Musical Style of the Album Chemical Assault

It was back in August 2018 that readers got their first look into Brazilian thrash metal band Violator. This Brazilian thrash metal band from the nation’s capital released their 2006 debut album called Chemical Assault and this one starts off in pretty much the same manner that Brazilian thrash metal band Attomica does. This style consists of speedy thrash metal, fast drumming, and high pitched vocals.

The Band Violator is a Good Example of Fun Party Thrash Metal

This group united for thrash metal and they do a pretty darn good job for instance in the second song called United for Thrash. The chunky, aggressive attitudes of this album is apparent and even the drumming and soloing really speeds up and this is super-fast! This album shows that these guys have one intention: to have fast thrash metal and it can also be good party thrash similar to Tankard but better than American band Municipal Waste. No matter how many years we live on this great planet of ours, there is always going to be thrash metal bands that will come into the scene and leave the scene. However, this does not mean that this debut is perfect because the vocals tend to stay in the same raspy style. Few albums are great enough to be considered flawless but nonetheless, this debut contains some good thrash metal for the avid thrash metal fan.

How Does the Album Chemical Assault Begin?

This album starts off with the song called Atomic Nightmare. The song brings to light the fact that human greed is alive and well as politicians rule with fear and the intent to brainwash their populations. Of course, we are only speaking in general terms here. Brazil is the next country to join the thrash metal scene while using speed as one of its major assets. Listening to these guys reminds me that Brazilian musicians are probably better at the technique and skill when it comes to thrash metal because they make it exciting. Yes, Violator is a band that isn’t scared of using speed in their songs but unlike Slayer, they make it so that it doesn’t sound like your generic thrash metal and there is no punk influence as is the case with bands such as Acid Reign. In the song Destined to Die, there is a definite Metallica influence along with touches of the band Slayer but this album having been released in 2006 has that modern kind of feel to it. In addition, I hear a kind of solo in the song United for Thrash that sounds like a solo that Metallica played on the 2008 album Death Magnetic.

The Songs Addicted to Mosh & Ordered to Thrash

Addicted to Mosh sounds kind of like the band The Haunted as the lyrics are about thrashing, head banging, and just getting excited to the feel of heavy thrash metal. If there was a time period where Brazil started to make their presence felt with the thrash metal scene, it was more than likely starting in the early 2000’s. Ordered to Thrash is the only instrumental song in the album and in terms of the style it is like the other songs except there are no vocals in this song.

Final Thoughts About the Album Chemical Assault

Stylistically, this album can get stale at times because of the constant speed, banging drums and the same high pitched vocals but the riffing is good enough to keep this debut in the decent to good range. The best songs are the first four in the album including the one called United for Thrash. Sometimes you wish that bands could cut back on lyrics about nuclear war or world annihilation but that’s what many thrash bands do. Violator is still a pretty solid thrash metal band from the fine nation of Brazil!

"United For Thrash"

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