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A Look at Fates Warning’s Compilation Album "Chasing Time" More Than 25 Years Later

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About the Album "Chasing Time"

"Chasing Time" by American progressive metal band Fates Warning occupies a very special place in the history of the heavy metal genre because it is not a new studio album but rather a collection of songs from the band’s first seven studio albums. Taking a look at the track listing for this long album, I am already impressed!

I think that it is appropriate to take a look at and analyze a forgotten release in this great band’s history more than 25 years after it was released.

"Quietus" Originally from the Album Called No Exit

Quietus...One of the Best Fates Warning Songs Ever

Prelude to Ruin has a very good beginning melodic part but there was no need to include pretend chants by John Arch in this song. However to include the song Quietus which is a part of the song The Ivory Gate of Dreams was an excellent decision by the band. A song that has one of the best melodies in the band’s career combined with the piano part at the end makes for an unforgettable moment in American heavy metal history!

"We Only Say Goodbye"

How This Compilation Could Have Been Better

Fates Warning could have included songs such as The Sorceress and this compilation would have been even better. This is certainly a respectable collection of songs and easily beats the Hidden Treasures mini album by Megadeth and Fates Warning was not chasing time. They were chasing history and they have solidified their reputation as one of the best American metal bands ever.

Rate the Album Chasing Time by Fates Warning

"The Eleventh Hour"

Final Thoughts About Chasing Time

The slower song Circles sounds like the song Shelter Me and it is actually a song that has not been previously released. There is also a demo version of the love song called We Only Say Goodbye. Chasing Time is a very good compilation of songs by one of the best American bands ever. It gets a 90 out of 100 points for its remarkable consistency even though John Arch was never an elite singer. The album ends with the beautiful song The Eleventh Hour. When you need to explain something to somebody because you have done something wrong, even if it is a late hour, make sure that you do so.

“At Fates Fingers” is actually a reworked version of the song called “At Fates Hands” without vocals and there are a few new solos and harmonies. It is a rather interesting decision by these guys to do it this way given that the rest of the songs do have vocals in them. The keyboard section in this song is similar to the way that Dream Theater would have done. The band had a limited space to put together a compilation so they could not include every one of the songs from their earlier years which may help to partially explain why they had only one song included from The Spectre Within. The compilation though ends on a strong note with one of the best songs from the Parallels era so at least these guys made a great choice in that regard.

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