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Review of the Album Called Phantoms of the New Realm by Malaysian Thrash Metal Band Atomicdeath

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Some Information About the Band Atomicdeath

Here we go with a review of an album released by another Malaysian thrash metal band and this band's name isn't as weird or strange as the last review you saw of a Malaysian thrash metal band. Anyhow, this band's name is Atomicdeath and the album we are analyzing here is called Phantoms of the New Realm released in 2019. Atomicdeath have been active since 2008 and the style of this album resembles that if Germany's Kreator.

The album's cover shows the Grim Reaper sitting atop a horse as he has his scythe and he is riding triumphantly. The horse looks like one of the foes of the game Final Fantasy 3 called Hell Horse.

Are There Any Real Cons For The Album?

One thing that could have been better is for the band to separate their band name into two separate words so that it is made easier for fans to be able to follow along.

Phantoms of the New Realm review and analysis

(The Legion) Intro is not much of a song as we are led into the next song which is modern thrash. The song is about a topic that has been done to death and that topic is about the destruction that war can cause because usually in war there are many casualties and it is often said that there are no winners in a war. The band's name is used as a song and this one lyrically is a call to end the senseless wars that go in on the world as people die and we are at risk for radiation poisoning. The best alternative to war is peace but peace doesn't make profits unfortunately. Nightmare Reaper sounds like your standard, boring thrash metal song but that changes as soon as the vocals come in as the riff is similar to later Metallica such as All Nightmare Long. And then there is a riff that sounds very much like the song Ghosts of War. “Corruption Kills” is a song that most of us can relate to especially now because of the current Trump Administration which has been mired in corruption since its earliest days. War Child is another song written about the massive effects of war as even children are affected by the effects of this sort of condition. Ominous Darkness is influenced by German thrash metal like Kreator and here is another band influenced by those guys and that influence seems to never end. As usual though, this band suffers from the same con or disadvantage that quite a few thrash metal bands suffer from. The lyrical content focuses too much on topics such as war or the potential end of the world.

Phantoms of the New Realm: Analysis of the Last Three Songs

As we end this album, Wave of Fear starts out slowly before the drums hit the ears and the song speeds up in usual fashion. Are there any bad things about this album or the band? There are not any bad things about these guys except for the lack of variety in the lyrical content but if that's the worst thing that a band has to worry about, then it is not that bad at all. The Last Letter starts out in the same slow fashion before there is a grunt and the Kreator influenced thrash metal continues. It gets really melodic in the middle of the song as there is narration from a soldier that has suffered immense pain as a result of being involved in combat. Valedictory (Outro) is a beautiful progressive style instrumental which is a great way to end an album that has been harsh on the eardrums.

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"Phantoms of the New Realm"

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