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Review of the Album Called "Dark Roots of Earth" by Thrash Metal Band Testament

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Dark Roots of Earth Is a Very Good Modern Thrash Metal Album

Dark Roots of Earth is the 2012 album by American thrash metal band Testament. Given their long career and the switch made by Chuck Billy to a much harsher, rougher vocal style in 1994, Testament has done VERY well overall even with their 1997 album Demonic. Not only did they not get knocked down or really decline after that, they gradually got stronger as a band releasing epic, awesome songs like D.N.R. Even with this album, their melodies are still there with their heavy riffs.

Dark Roots of Earth Front Album Cover

The album's cover shows a half human and half monster with two snakes and antlers, one that you would see on a deer of gazelle. Let's bring light to this world and spread good values to future generations.

The album's cover shows a half human and half monster with two snakes and antlers, one that you would see on a deer of gazelle. Let's bring light to this world and spread good values to future generations.

Testament Is a Good Heavy Metal Band to Listen to If You Enjoy Politics

For those of you that enjoy discussing political themes, Testament is a good band to listen to because these guys have spent so much time trying to bring awareness of the flaws of the American political system and in that sense, they are more than just a band that plays music. It is my hope that more people can realize that Testament’s music has the power to influence people to move in the right direction.

Native Blood Is a Song About What to Do If You Are Oppressed

"Native Blood" is the song that got me interested in the album because of the lyrical content. The song is about the white man’s oppression and destruction of the Native Americans. No matter how many times they get knocked down and oppressed, these natives will rise up and demand their rights. Their voices will be heard as they will not be afraid to challenge the status quo. These Indians are so proud and any barrier that is put in front of them, they will smash that barrier and try to succeed their own way. No one race can tell another race what to do and that’s what the United States government has done wrong for so long.

More About the Message of the Song Native Blood

Along with Metallica, Testament are one of those bands whose riff construction is superb and this song is an example of that. Japanese band Volcano is influenced by these guys. Never let anyone tell you what to do because this is your life and you have to live the way that you see it. That’s one of the other messages that this song sends to people worldwide.

Dark Roots of Earth and Gene Hoglan

The title track is slowed down and it is about being hopeless that there is no future. Sometimes we feel so defeated that we see our grave or the end of everything in this life on Earth. One thing is for certain, Testament has a future ahead of them especially with the help of Gene Hoglan.

"Rise Up"

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The song True American Hate Is the Next Best Song on This Album

The song called "True American Hate" has a melody that is influenced by German thrash metal band Kreator. The song is actually about the way that our freedoms work. Some people choose to hate what the United States is about and some people choose to celebrate our traditions. The song is about being proud of the country and standing up for what is right. The song has some lead guitar play that is similar to the late 1980’s band Death. Sometimes with the future in doubt, we are left wondering what to do. Chuck Billy uses the vocal style that he used in the song Dog Faced Gods.

"True American Hate"

Dark Roots of Earth: Rise Up Is an Important Song

The song that some of us may forget about is the one called "Rise Up." This is a heavy song about a country’s leader having failed before yet he calls his soldiers and expects them to rise up against injustice in another country and fight for freedom and good values. Unfortunately in times of war, there will be casualties and some soldiers will not return home. When the commander says rise up, the soldiers prepare to go to war. Sometimes throughout history, war has been necessary to fight.

"Native Blood"

Dark Roots of Earth: the Other Songs

With the song "Cold Embrace," Testament goes back to experimenting with their ballad skills. The song is about someone that does not want to wake up and she only wants to sleep because she is trapped in a sort of curse that she is unable to escape from. The song Throne of Thorns has a more modern feel to it but there is still the thrash influence. The song is about a god of war that is set to bring about much chaos and disorder. Those that don’t obey this god will meet their doom. The last song in the album is called "Last Stand for Independence" and it can be interpreted as a song about the American Revolution. The people that fought against the British rule in the colonies died for liberty and the pursuit of the values that we hold dear such as the ability to have our own way of governing. Sometimes these values come at a big price. When an army has to make a stand against forces that are trying to hold them back, there will be sweat, tears, hard work and often times death. But at the end of this long struggle independence has won out for the United States. Dark Roots of Earth is once again one of the strongest releases for this California band along with Metallica.

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