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Review of the Album "Bury Your Idols" by Agggressor a Thrash Metal Band from Cuernavaca Mexico

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About the Band Agggressor and Their Musical Influences for This Second Album

Bury Your Idols is the second studio album from the thrash metal band Agggressor (that’s how this band’s name is spelled) released in 2016 and these guys are from Cuernavaca, Mexico and what they bring to the musical table is a brand of thrash metal that is influenced from the Teutonic thrash metal scene such as Kreator and Holy Moses. Mexico has made small steps in the right direction as far as the thrash metal genre is concerned. This band was first formed under the name of Mandra from 2008 through 2010 before working under their current name.

"You Are God"

About the Songwriting in "Bury Your Idols"

The guitar riffing is very modern and even the bass can be heard. The song called “All You Need is Blood” is totally influenced by the modern day Holy Moses as the riffs are really, really sharp, fierce, and aggressive and this is actually a parody of a previous song so we can say that this is done with humor. There is a reference to the late John Lennon in this song but once again, it is done for satirical purposes. It is actually a cover song and there are a few of these in this album. Even though the kind of thrash that these Mexicans play is heavy as heck with tons of speed, they also take things a step further by incorporating a sort of humor in the songs. The lyrics focus on social and political issues (that’s not a surprise anymore right?) such as “Agents of Chaos.” The vocals have a certain similarity to Dave Mustaine which may be a pro or a con depending upon your tastes. To a degree as well, it may be likely that some of you may also notice that the vocals have a similarity to David Sanchez of the band Havok. The song “Political Disorder” begins with some singing about Mickey Mouse before it gets into a heavy and fast Mokoma plus Holy Moses influenced thrash metal. The change in tempo is very dramatic with this one. I bet none of us saw this kind of transition greeting our ears did we? I certainly didn’t expect this kind of dramatic change in a song but transitions like this can make a band stand out from so many other bands. It is feasible to conclude that not every thrash metal band uses parody to cover certain songs and this is another sort of unique aspect in metal music genre. At least Mexico’s Agggressor does not overdo it with gory lyrics or the lyrics about partying which is overdone to a certain degree. That’s not to say that lyrics about partying are bad. It is just that such lyrical themes have been overdone. Then there are songs such as “Black Flag (We are Pirates)” which is a heavy metal song that has a sort of modern blues feel to while still sounding like a metal song. The song has references to the Antichrist and the Number of the Beast. In the song “No Man’s Land (Let the Fire Burn)” the main melody line and riffing greatly resembles the Slayer song Mandatory Suicide. It will be easy to spot this similarity if you are familiar with the band Slayer. The whole song in terms of its structure really is influenced to a large degree by Slayer. The album ends with a parody cover version of the famous Chuck Berry song Johnny B. Good but for the purposes of this album the band has titled this song “Johnny B. Bad.” This version still has that famous vocal section of “go, Johnny go, go!”

"Agents of Chaos"

"Political Disorder"

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