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Review of the Album "Built to Nothing" by Czech Thrash Metal Band Refore

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Basic Information for Refore's Debut Album

Length: 45 minutes

Label that the album is signed to: Support Underground

Genre: hardcore thrash metal

Country of origin: Czech Republic

About the Band Refore and Their Musical Style

Refore is a thrash metal band from a village in the Czech Republic and they were formed in 2015. Their debut album Built to Nothing was released in March 2021 and it is very hardcore thrash metal. It has some melody in it but the vocals could certainly have been improved. The vocals are of this harsh shouting that is really tough to comprehend. Normally a quality like this in an album really lowers the quality. However, in this case while the album won’t get any rating in the 90s, it is thrash metal that still works in terms of getting the avid thrash metal fan interested enough to check these guys out. Think of the band’s name as sounding like the word before but only with a R. Speed and intense riffing is of course a major part of the thrash genre. But these guys do push the envelope without sounding too much like any specific band.

About the Songs In Built to Nothing

Stylistically, guess who these guys resemble the most? Slayer of course, and this quality can be heard in the song “Your Price.” “Reason to Exist” is a Slayer influenced song that criticizes a person’s main reason to exist as if the person has too many flaws in them. However, the solo in this song is too exotic to be like the band Slayer. What seems like a move made out of the blue, the song called “Something to Say” starts with a very nicely done acoustic part and slowly builds up as the song encourages us to leave our past behind even if we are not satisfied with our lives at this very moment. However, even if the other person’s pain is gone, the person forgiving whatever they did wrong feels like they are still struggling on some level. The album begins with a short 45 second track called “Trapped” which has a little feedback from the amplifier and the riffs. “Built to Nothing” is a song influenced by modern day Metallica. An example that comes to mind is the Beyond Magnetic mini album. Are humans really built to achieve nothing? The song asks the question how you feel. It is not like these Czech guys have zero musical variety. However, the vocals could definitely be worked on so that we could decipher what is being said without having to look at the lyrics.

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"Something to Say"

How Good Is the Album Built to Nothing?

After that 45 seconds though, the album enters full thrash mode as the vocalist shouts and these guys are ready to go. The songs are not lifeless but in fact full of thrash, speed, and the aggression that is typical of the style. Some people call it old-school but this debut is modern while still being influenced by at least a few of the older metal bands.

Rating for the album Built to Nothing: 82 points out of 100

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