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Review of the Album "Brain Drill Poetry" by Finnish Thrash Metal Band Home Style Surgery

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Introduction to the Band Home Style Surgery and Their Second Studio Album

Now here’s the name of a band that you usually don’t even hear of because the name is so bizarre. That band is Home Style Surgery from the nation of Finland. Their second studio album called Brain Drill Poetry is a 33 minute work of speed and thrash metal combined with some pretty high pitched style of vocals. Providing the lead vocals for this second album is Kami Launonen who is the same guy that provides the lead vocals for Brainthrash, another modern Finnish thrash metal band. Home Style Surgery was formed in 2008 and these guys have released several demos and a few mini albums before releasing an album in 2018.

Brain Drill Poetry is an Album That Misses the Mark Musically in a Few Ways

Brain Drill Poetry is an album in which the band attempts to be melodic and the speed that defines the thrash metal genre is certainly there but as far as being an elite album, that is where this album misses the mark. Even though it has eight songs and is just over 33 minutes, this is not some landmark release like Reign in Blood. So if you were expecting some elite landmark thrash metal from Home Style Surgery, you won’t get that with this album. What you will get is an album with high pitched vocals that attempt to be melodic which is good because it shows that these guys want to sound like a modern band but also they are trying to stand out by infusing the songs with melody. One example of this is the pretty darn good song called “434.” However, the vocals could be improved for the average listener to actually know what’s being said so that they could have a better idea of the lyrical themes. Brain Drill Poetry is an album that suffers from the same type of structure for each song which is a fast beginning riff followed by melodic attempts on the vocal lines and riff interlude sections that may sound the same.

"Brain Drill Poetry" Song Only

Brain Drill Poetry is Still a Good Album

In spite of these shortcomings the album compared to its length is still very much something you can handle without tiring of it too much. “Exit Homunculus” has a sort of beginning that is actually like the band Cannibal Corpse and there is even some death metal style vocals in this song as well. The song lyrically is about being confused about the status of what he or she is. Are they human or are they of demonic form? The person described in this song has lost his sense of identity and he is struggling to find it. The title track has a good concept that starts it off with the speed and the melodic vocals as the song is trying to say or point out that there is a fallacy that humans think that they will be able to dominate others without consequences

Final Rating of the album Brain Drill Poetry: 75 out of 100 points for a C grade.

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