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Review of the Album "Born in the Dark" by Los Angeles California Thrash Metal Band Seizure

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Seizure Is a Unique Thrash Metal Band

Say hello to one of the newest entrants into the US thrash metal scene, the band Seizure having been formed in 2017. These guys are described as a thrash metal band with fantasy themes. That’s something you don’t see every day so these guys have went outside the box and kind of adopted their own lyrical approach to thrash metal.

Seizure is the Best Thrash Metal Band From Southern California Since Hexen

Their first full length album Born in the Dark was just released on April 30, 2021 so it is a brand new album. The band’s name convinced me to look into these guys because I used to have mild seizures as a child. The riffing and guitar sound resembles bands such as Hexen and Metallica. Who isn’t influenced by Metallica these days? You have to wonder that. Seizure is the best American thrash metal band from Southern California to be formed since the demise of Hexen. The bass lines in this album are quite good and the music has this sort of good flow to it. Listening to the songs and riffs of Born in the Dark some of you may detect that there is very little to complain about in this album. The vocals are pretty easy to understand and they are not overdone. Your next question may be something about how flawless this album is musically. I get the sense that the album pretty much is a flawless work and THIS is the way to make your entry into the wide thrash metal scene.

About the the First Four Songs In Born In the Dark

Beginning this album is the little over one minute track called “Judgement” which is very atmospheric in nature and there is also this chanting style voice. If the beginning of this album threw you off don’t be alarmed because with the next song “Phantasm” the thrash metal kicks in. The song is lyrically about ghosts that have come to terrify the person through the night. He is brainwashed into thinking that ghosts are real even if they are not real. There is a section in the song “Born in the Dark” that does indeed sound like the song “Through the Never.” A fan of Metallica will be able to spot this. In addition to this, there is a middle section in the song “Crystal Ball” that has that “The Four Horsemen” riff similarity with a much more modern flair and flavor obviously. The song Crystal Ball can be interpreted literally as it can be about someone that looks into some sort of crystal ball having seen his own face and knowing all the secrets to life.

"Born in the Dark" Music Video

The two part song called “Dear Boss / From Hell” features a softer part before a Slayer influenced riff greets you and the solo is played. This one is a song you may find yourself going back to. The third part of the song really speeds up as there is a reference to Jack the Ripper who is described as a stranger lurking in the dark whose mission is to terrorize the population. There is also an interlude in the song that sounds a lot like the band Blind Guardian.

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A Musically Varied Thrash Metal Album

For what it is worth, Born in the Dark is one of those thrash metal albums that offers a good amount of variety from the partly progressive influenced song “Holy Relics” and then the last song “Djinn’s Curse.” The beginning drum part may remind some of you of the song “Rust in Peace…Polaris.” The only kind of song that is not on this album is a ballad style song but for a modern thrash metal album of this high quality, a lack of a ballad isn’t really a major thing.

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on May 09, 2021:

I'm glad that you think that way. This band is a new band. I would like to see others comment on these kinds of articles as well.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on May 09, 2021:

Nice and interesting review

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