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Review of the Album "Bloodthirst" by Cannibal Corpse

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Bloodthirst Is the Last Studio Album of the 1990s for Cannibal Corpse

Bloodthirst is the 1999 studio album by extreme death metal band Cannibal Corpse and it also happens to be the third studio album to have George Fisher doing the vocals. Being a fan of the band’s first four albums I just had to see what this album was all about from a musical standpoint. From a vocal standpoint not much has changed as George Fisher still uses his same brutal vocal approach and this style was common in the decade of the 1990s with other bands as well. Fisher himself has said that death metal should be understood as art which is a totally valid point to make because music is in itself an art form. Cannibal Corpse is just one part of the whole picture. They are a group of guys that play extreme death metal for the purpose of entertaining audiences. The lead guitar work is well, very fast consisting of speed and tapping parts. George Fisher even lets out some grunts which are an even harsher kind of shout, almost like he bellows out of his vocal chords. George really doesn’t have as low of a grunt as Chris Barnes, rather he really lets it out of his vocal chords and in this album there are some loud, bellowing sounds that he lets out.

“Pounded Into Dust” begins this album with an exotic riff but the drumming is basically of the double bass variety which is one of the main qualities of this type of music

This Album Is More Melodic Than You May Think

The beginning of the second song “Dead Human Collection” has the influence of the band Carcass. Stylistically, Bloodthirst is not like The Bleeding in 1994 because the melodies are different than that album. Also, the vocals have more loud growls to them as you will witness. Then comes a special moment in the history of the band with the song “Ecstasy in Decay” which has an exotic melodic part combined with impressive blast beat drumming. Then the song briefly slows down showcasing some more melody. “Coffinfeeder” features a few short riff taps followed by a good, audible bass line before it transitions into a melodic piece. Bloodthirst has melody in it. It is just melody of a different nature compared to what we heard just five years earlier in 1994.

"Pounded Into Dust" LIVE in Concert

Final Thoughts About Bloodthirst As of This Writing

“Hacksaw Decapitation” is a song that builds up with a strange atmospheric noise before it gets into a super heavy death metal song. These guys still manage to keep things somewhat interesting even after their style change after the departure of Chris Barnes. There is the noticeable feel of the band Carcass in this album which is present here, something that we did not really see with the first four releases from this band so they are showing their musical evolution. Even if The Bleeding is their best album with Chris Barnes, 1999’s Bloodthirst is impressive as well showcasing some British grindcore and Scandinavian death metal influences. I found myself not even willing to skip over one track!

"Ecstasy in Decay"

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