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Review of the Album "Black to the Blind" by Polish Death Metal Band Vader

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Why Black to the Blind is a Significant Release in the History of Vader's Career

Black to the Blind is not only the 3rd studio album by Polish death and thrash metal band Vader released in 1997 but this is an album that has a special significance in the history of Polish metal albums. Black to the Blind was nominated for what is called a Fryderyk Award and this is like the equivalent of the American Grammy Award. The album was nominated for this award in the category of Hard & Heavy Album of the Year. That spelling that you see is the Polish spelling of the composer Frederic Chopin

Initial Analysis of Black to the Blind

Black to the Blind is one of those albums that is essentially an album performed by two members Peter and “Doc.” The other two members were credited but they did not perform on this 28.5 minute album of hard and heavy hitting songs. This album is obviously brief and that’s a good thing for some of us listeners of metal music that have kind of moved on from some of the older classic albums that are much longer. Listening to this album may convince some of us that it may as well be Doc’s finest performance behind the drum kit.

About the Songs in This 3rd Studio Album by Vader

The growl by Peter in the first song “Heading for Internal Darkness” is memorable as well. The riff style and drumming is very much like the band Death from the Florida death metal scene. You can tell that the drums are a mixture of double bass drumming and those of the band Morbid Angel to a degree. “Carnal” is a song that may remind some of you of the older Sepultura albums with Max Cavalera but however, this is better than that! Some of you may say how is it possible for any other band to be better than Sepultura? Well. That’s because it is possible. It is all in how a band presents their art.

In this instance with this third album, Vader presents their art of music quite well even if interpreting some of the lyrics is challenging. “Fractal Light” once again shows the speedy approach by Vader as the song is lyrically trying to point out that sometimes chaos ensues in the world. “True Names” has a very exotic musical part that shows the evolution of Vader at this point in their career. The drums on the other hand are very much like those of Cannibal Corpse with the incessant pounding which shows that this is a furious kind of death metal that works even if it is not perfect. “Foetus God” is a song that lyrically criticizes the existence of GOD characterizing HIM as someone that has no mercy.

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Final Observations About Black to the Blind

Black to the Blind is a very good album from these Polish death metal veterans and in a way it is actually better that their band name isn’t something too grotesque such as the band Decapitated. The band’s name may have been influenced by the Darth Vader character in the Star Wars movies but that’s just a guess of mine at this point.

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