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Review of the Album "Bionic Swarm" by Cryptosis

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About Cryptosis, Bionic Swarm and the Musical Style

Cryptosis actually occupies a sort of unique position in the thrash metal genre in the sense that it is the name of the band that was once known as Distillator. Bionic Swarm is the first album for these guys under this band name but not their first ever official album ever. That is if we count all the albums that they released under their former name. Cryptosis is from the Netherlands and this album is technical scientific and or futuristic thrash metal. Stylistically it isn’t much different than it was when they were under their former name. But the lyrics focus on technology and science instead of the traditional thrash metal topics that have been done to death dozens of times.

A Comment About the Band's Unusual New Name

However, I find it rather interesting that the band changed their name from Distillator to Cryptosis. The band’s new name has the word crypt in it. A crypt is like an underground grave and this band is not disbanded or dead. They just happened to change their name but the name change for me is a little odd.

Further Analysis of the Album Bionic Swarm

“Conjuring the Egoist” is modern thrash mixed with a touch of System of a Down but this is more complex and better. The Dutch know how to play thrash metal and this album in particular is one of those that you will find yourself appreciating for how complex yet how simple it is at the same time. It is a simple kind of album because it doesn’t overwhelm you with your emotions. It is almost like these guys emerged out of a crypt and reinvented themselves. They have still stuck to playing thrash metal but the thing is that the thrash metal that these guys play isn’t your average thrash metal fest. These guys have just reemerged under a different band name with a different lyrical approach.

A statue of a Pharaoh inside of a crypt.

A statue of a Pharaoh inside of a crypt.

"Game of Souls"

Analysis of the Songs in Bionic Swarm

The mentioned 7th song is lyrically about the fact that in the world there are unintelligent people that have an absence of reason and they have a lack of understanding. Those of you that are looking for a more lyrically diverse album you will find it here. “Overture 2149” may as well have been a classically influenced piece because it’s got that atmospheric feel to it and also it gives these guys more diversity and a different way to start a thrash metal album as opposed to just bombarding your ears with fast thrash metal from start to finish. “Decypher” is a song that lyrically is about what happens when the central government manages to keep things under control and the result is that there is no chaos and no crime. “Perpetual Motion” is another instrumental track with a weird voice in it and this is so short that it passes you by before you can even get used to what’s going on. This is one thing bands do if they want to make the album end sooner. However, this is not one of those groundbreaking instrumental songs that will leave you in awe. I think we could consider this 6th track a sort of blemish on the album. “Prospect of Immortality” which is basically a song that’s trying to let us know that there is so much beyond this human form that we cannot see. And the song is also trying to say that we are trapped in this sort of mirage because we are in these human bodies.

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"Conjuring the Egoist"

How Good of Album is Bionic Swarm?

Bionic Swarm is a good thrash metal album that has elite riff parts in it but as we get to the middle of the album, that consistency is lost for a little while. So you can call this album a sort of mixed bag musically. The riff ideas are good and well thought out but songs 4-6 kind of sound like they are a little off considering that song #6 isn’t really a song but more like 53 seconds of weirdness. Bionic Swarm starts in such a way that the first three songs are its strongest points and you might think that it is on its way to being an epic release but thoughts like that will be put into the dustbin of history after that middle part of the album drop-off. Looking back, I preferred the music of Distillator over what is on Bionic Swarm partially because of how the album Summoning the Malicious begins. Bionic Swarm has a good amount of musical diversity for the reason that was explained earlier. It is good to see the members of the band formerly known as Distillator back as a group and writing new music but this certainly could have had a little more musical flow and stronger riffing to it.

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