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Review of the Album "Biomechanicals" by Swedish Power Metal Band Metalite

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Metalte vocalist Erica Ohlsson

Metalte vocalist Erica Ohlsson

About the Band Metalite & Their Musical Style

Metalite is a very melodic power metal band that is from Sweden and they have a female vocalist. "Biomechanicals" is the second studio album from this band that was formed in 2015 so they are a new band. The musical style is like Amberian Dawn and the power of the crunchy riffs and drumming is very much present. This once again proves that Sweden is much more than just a nation with tons of melodic death metal bands.

Metalite Has Two Band Members That Are Female

The band’s name may be just a play on words combing the terms metal and lite. It is only fitting that I review another album that has a female vocalist because I have always enjoyed female fronted metal bands and I might prefer them to male fronted metal bands. The drummer Lea Larsson is also female.

Biomechanicals Is an Album Dominated by Symphonic Power Metal

Far From the Sanctuary has that electronic sound before it transitions into some heavy symphonic power metal. I also see a bit of the Altaria influence in the guitar playing as well. Apocalypse starts with this interesting heavy yet atmospheric sound. Our reality differs at times with the way that we imagine things. I never once imagined that my writing portfolio would be as big as it has become but imagination can take us anywhere. Many of us live in constant agony with the hopes of being free one day. Are we all going under in a struggle to stay alive? It is easy to be dragged down by the negativity of this world but those of us that know the great secret of life know that not everything about this world is negative. The song is trying to portray the picture that as we live and die there is this sort of apocalypse that is going to doom the world. We must pay for peace and stability instead.


Drummer Lea Larsson

Drummer Lea Larsson

Biomechanicals the Rest of the Songs

Biomechanicals is a song about being forced to believe what the media wants us to believe. The song Biomechanicals also has some electronic sounds but this does not get in the way of how the song is and that’s always a good thing because the structure of the song stays musically intact. “Warrior” has electronic sounds along with some Nightwish style riffing in the mix. The song lyrically is about a warrior that is strong and determined enough to bring justice to the city. Even if at times it seems like the album is generic power metal that has been re-done before, the song called World on Fire has an interesting riff. Before we know it, we will pass from the scene and then we are gone. The song’s message of staying strong and living our lives is a good strategy to try and use. Eye of the Storm uses that electronic sound and gets heavy again. The lyrics are fantasy based talking about a warrior that is fighting to save the empire from its demise. Does anyone remember the German band Blind Guardian? They also have used fantasy based lyrics in their songs. Breakaway is a song about someone that has lost the war and she is searching for the truth of the situation as she is broken down and beaten emotionally. The vocals are melodic and Metalite could have been influenced by Swedish hard rock band Bad Habit. The song lyrically is about a relationship that has sadly ended. Was this love between this couple supposed to end?

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"Rise of the Phoenix"

The One Weakness About "Biomechanicals"

If there are any issues with this album it is that it follows the same formula pretty much using the electronic sounds with the same symphonic power metal style and even though Erica Ohlsson has a good and strong voice, she cannot help the album much.


"Biomechanicals" is a Decent Release That Some Should Like to Listen to

Rise of the Phoenix is a song that describes a situation where we rise up from having being knocked down in life. We rise up and get back up being even stronger as we are determined to make a difference in the world.

Biomechanicals is a decent symphonic power metal release from Metalite and it is not that Erica Ohlsson’s voice is bad. It is just that she doesn’t have the powerful vocals of someone such as Tarja Turunen or Cristina Scabbia but her voice is probably just average. Even so, she is really pretty and this album is a good one to check out after listening to bands such as Amberian Dawn or Altaria.

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