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Review of the Album "Been Caught Buttering" by Austria’s Veteran Death Metal Band Pungent Stench

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The number 91 which symbolizes what year the album Been Caught Buttering came out.

The number 91 which symbolizes what year the album Been Caught Buttering came out.

The Musical Style of Been Caught Buttering and Lyrical Approach

Been Caught Buttering is the 1991 studio album by Austria’s veterans of death metal Pungent Stench and it is also their second full-length coming pretty much immediately after their debut in 1990. Pungent Stench’s music is definitely an acquired taste and this assertion is accurate especially for this album. The vocals in this album resemble those of David Vincent. The style of this death metal release is a mix of crossover plus the old death metal style that we heard back in the day. Listening to this album after a while, I get the sense that they did a better job with this style than Paradise Lost. Lyrically the album resembles something we would see from Cannibal Corpse but as we mentioned in the review of Pungent Stench’s debut album, the lyrics are written with the intent on being a tongue-in-cheek kind of approach.

A Brief Comment About the Album Cover for Pungent Stench's Second Album

The idea of not judging an album by its cover definitely applies here. The cover art in some instances is seen as a parody of a picture of Leonoid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker kissing in order to celebrate the 30th birthday of the former German Democratic Republic in 1979.

"Happy Re-Birthday"

About the Songs in Been Caught Buttering

Is this album better than their debut? That’s hard to say with 100% certainty. The one factor that is present on this album that was consistent with the times is the raw, heavy nature that defined the decade. The lineup of members remains unchanged for this album. In the song called "Sick Bizarre Defaced Creation" there is a sort of blues style part which is rather interesting given that the album is an early death metal album. The first song which has a rather odd title and the title may be sickening. It starts slow but then speeds up into a kind of death metal song that we would have heard at that time. It is the song called “Happy Re-Birthday” that has that sort of Corrosion of Conformity feel to it so imagine C.O.C. but only a death metal version of it for this song. “Games of Humiliation” also has that Black Sabbath feel to it as well as a more progressive musical flair to it. Martin does a lot of laughing in this album.

"Sick Bizarre Defaced Creation"

The Lyrical Themes Could Be Much Better

The one big con about Been Caught Buttering is the obviously over the top lyrics even if they are written for entertainment purposes. The thing is that the genre doesn’t need a whole bunch of bands that are similar to Cannibal Corpse. More creative lyrics that would get people to analyze the deeper meanings of the songs would be better.

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