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Review of the Album "Attomica" by Brazilian Thrash Metal Band Attomica

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Who Are Attomica?

Attomica is a thrash metal band from Sao Paulo Brazil that I just happened to discover for myself on the night of August 22, 2018. The band is new for me but these guys have been around since 1985 and the band’s name has changed from Attomica back to Atomica then back once again to the original band’s spelling in 2009.

Album Cover for Attomica


The Worst Quality About the Album "Attomica" is the Vocals

This band’s debut album of the same name is supposed to be a thrash metal album but it sounds more like a death metal album because of the vocals. The vocals are the biggest con of this 1987 album as they sound raspy, drowned out, and impossible for anyone to understand.

A Brief Review of the Album Attomica

The first song called "Dying Smashed" sounds like an early Metallica song plus a little bit of 1990’s Prong. The song Cut Rate comes to my mind. The incessant Motor Breath style riffing dominates this song as the raspy, hard as heck to understand vocals continue. They could have had MUCH better vocals than this! What were these guys even thinking? Fortunately, and I say this in a good way that this album is just 37 minutes of fast, thrash that has the worst vocals that anyone can ever hear in their life. Does the album feel like you are listening to agonizing torture? As long as the vocals don’t come into the picture, the riffing is decent and passable as a piece of music.

The song "Lost Time" however is a different matter altogether. This song starts with decent acoustic guitar that repeats itself like an acoustic interlude. The song then changes times and turns into a 1980’s thrash/death metal hybrid such as what we hear in the Florida death metal scene. "No Life Till Madness" sounds like a song by the band Slayer with its fast lead guitar work. Flesh Maniac is a fast song about… you guessed it about a person that enjoys making others’ lives miserable. The vocals are a worse version of the band Celestial Sorrow. These vocals are absolutely ridiculous! "Samurai" which is a song about a Japanese warrior that has the main mission in life to show that he is the best warrior that the world has ever seen even if he dies. Attomica’s self-titled album is one of the most mediocre releases in the history of thrash metal because of the BAD vocals. The riffs are raw and decent but the vocals are what really ruin it for the album.

Final Thoughts About the Album Attomica

The bottom line is that this album’s lyrical content that is too graphic to describe here is another quality that lowers the score for the album so what are the redeeming qualities of the album you might ask? The riffs are raw and decent and the song Lost Time with its nice acoustic start are the “best” qualities of the album but this is some of the worst thrash metal that you will hear from a vocal perspective. You are better off listening to Attomica’s 2012 studio album called 4.

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