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Review of the Album "Arte Novecento" by Italian Doom and Death Metal Band Novembre

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What is the Musical Style of Arte Novecento?

Arte Novecento is the 1996 studio album by Italian doom and death metal band Novembre and it also their second studio album following the now out of print album Wish I Could Dream It Again… The band does not have to wish that they were playing because immediately after that one, they have been able to come up with a rather pleasant release in Arte Novecento which is influenced by the band Opeth and the drums are pretty clear and crisp in relation to the style of the music. There is also the influence of the band Agalloch as well.


Arte Novecento is An Album With Just the Right Amount of Heaviness

However, the vocals are not of the rough kind in this album. The beautiful sound of the waterfall in the song called “A Memory” adds to the rather soothing and pleasant nature of the album. Listening further deep into Arte Novecento, you have to be impressed with how the guitar sound is so fluid and the heaviness of the songs are just right especially for the time in which the album was made. The style of Arte Novecento is not death metal but a hybrid of Gothic metal with progressive touches and this progressive feel is evident in the start of the album with “Pioggia… January Tunes.” After the acoustic part is a rougher guitar part that is reminiscent of the style that Opeth used for at least it’s early to mid-career.

One Great Song That May Be Overlooked is the One Called Photograph

“Photograph” is the only instrumental song on this album and it is the shortest song but the quality of it with its starting bass line is superb! “Homecoming” is one of those songs that the style will end up being an influence for Italian Gothic metal band Lacuna Coil. “Remorse” is a song with a twin guitar kind of approach as the song is lyrically about someone that has a very hard time getting over their mistakes and the wrong things that they have done in their life. There is also a cover song on this album and that one is called “Stripped,” originally written by the band Depeche Mode. “A Memory” is an atmospheric song that is lyrically about someone who realizes that they are missing something in this life as the water is flowing down the river. He realizes that the thing that he is missing the most is the love of his life. They have gone down different paths and she has erased the memories of everything that the two of them have done.

Final Thoughts About the Album Arte Novecento

Is Arte Novecento like a work of art? Perhaps the music isn’t that exceptional but it is an album that you get the sense really flows rather well even though the vocals of Carmelo Orlando are rather tough to understand and follow along with. The classically influenced song “Will” even though the main riff repeats a lot of times is a song that has a certain beauty that perhaps the most experienced music listener is able to pick up on. If there is one noticeable flaw about this effort musically it is that the vocals need to sound more audible. Otherwise, there is very little to complain about in terms of the guitar work and the drumming.

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